Study and Accommodation: Your Options Now

For many, starting their studies is also the start of their first own booth. But it has to be found first. We have collected tips for new students and other tips so that the search is as effective as possible. However, depending on the city and the time of the search, it can unfortunately be time-consuming. And you should take care of some things.

How and where to search

Some may just be looking for a cheap place to sleep. Others value the atmosphere in the residential area and that they feel at home in their own four walls. Depending on your requirements, you should invest time in the search and let someone accompany you when you visit apartments.

If you are looking for an apartment for the first time and may also be under time pressure because the semester is about to start, there is a great risk that you will make hasty decisions. You fall into the trap of high rent payments or realize too late which environment you are moving to. In order for you to start your search well-informed, we have put together a few pointers and tips for you in this article. As you check this website for the best room options, you will be getting the best information.

Student residence, shared apartment or your own apartment?

Important first: Do not search wildly, but think beforehand what you actually want to look for. The further procedure usually depends on this. The housing options for students are diverse and have all advantages and disadvantages. It is all the more important to be clear about what is particularly important to you.

Dorm? Is it Really a Choice

Dorm is not the same as dorm. What is actually behind the term often depends on the sponsors of the dormitories and their motivation to offer students accommodation. The student unions of the university and university locations operate many dormitories – so that you can get an idea before you apply for a room place, many student unions also offer an overview of their offer online.

But there are also denominational agencies, associations and homes in student self-government. There are also other landlords. If you have the opportunity, read the only apparently insignificant explanations of the dormitories about their self-understanding, insofar as they exist. They can tell you something about the porters themselves, but also about what may be expected of you if you move into a specific dorm. The information about community facilities or maybe even events in a room can be informative. All together will give you a feeling for whether a room is simply an accommodation or whether there is an emphasis on a community life, however it may be.

Living sustainably and differently

Living is to be improved with alternative concepts now.The room equipment is very different. There are dormitories where e.g. B. ten people live in one hall in each 11-sqm room and share shower, toilet and kitchen. But it is also possible that you live with a few other students in a more or less large apartment (the dorm is a collection of student shared apartments) or that each student has his own apartment. In some dormitories there are now even special housing offers for students with children.