How to get the loan instantly without any delay

A quick quote may not be expensive if it is competed for and chosen wisely. With one application, you can compete with a large number of banks and financial institutions in one application and get quick loan offers quickly and directly in a comparable format. You can compare all future loan offers on the Online before making a selection decision. In the comparison, it is easy to see the real costs of instant loans, monthly instalments and differences in the speed of loan repayment between different players. The majority of credit decision based on the application’s information and pay the instant loan immediately to the account. We are competing – You save.

How to apply for a quick loan:

Getting a pikalaina heti instantly loan is easy and quick. We will promptly bid for instant loans and see the offers you receive immediately.

Choose the appropriate loan amount and loan time using the loan counter.

Fill out the loan application with your own information. Make sure the phone number and bank account are properly filled in. Errors slow down or even prevent the loan application from being processed.

Compare the bids you have received with online and choose the most favourable loan option.

After choosing the appropriate quick loan, you will go into the lender’s process. Identify with bank codes, validate income information, and loan agreement. Also remember to answer the phone if you are calling from an unknown phone number – the loan company wants to verify the identity of the new customer before the payment.

Raise your quick loan to your account.

Quickly sign up for the account

As its name implies, a Quick Loan is a loan product that can be credited to your account pikalaina heti instantly, even in minutes. However, the speed of getting money depends on many different factors and it is good to take these into account if you are in a hurry with a quick loan account.

Loan Operator: Other borrowers are faster than others. As part of our comparison, we clearly identify which banks are fast and which are not.

Time of making the application: The best chance to get the money right into your account is when you make an application between 7 and 17, when all loan operators have a customer service open. Some operators may issue and pay a 24-hour loan. Our service tells about the opening hours of customer service.