Franking Machine Basics

What is a franking machine?

A franking machine is loaded with credit for postage and instead of using traditional stamps each time an item of mail needs to be sent it is processed through the franking machine and the postage amount (paid) is displayed on franking machine labels.

Special postal requirements are managed through the franking machine. The queue at the Post Office becomes a memory as everything post related is organised on site via the franking machine.

Every franking machine UK is approved by Royal Mail who control processes and facilities under licence.

Smart franking machines are the newest kind, these offer VAT reclaim benefits alongside time and cost effective tools, including reporting and individual cost centre set up for multi department use.

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Rental or purchase franking machine prices allow a business to budget, evaluate post usage and make economies.

A franking machine makes post processing truly efficient.

Why use one?

Franking machine prices are competitive and post savings can be substantial.

The franking machine labels indicate to Royal Mail that the item is to be treated as business post so it moves through the system more quickly than if it was in the main stream of post.

Whether it’s for a small business or huge operation there should be quickly evident cost and work practices benefits with franking machines.

Your post looks professional and advertising capabilities are a free marketing tool.

Where do I place it?

A franking machine isn’t large so it can be conveniently placed on a desk, on a cabinet or even, if you are very tidy, in a cupboard and taken out for use.

Scales are built in to the franking machines so you don’t need to save a vast area of space for post related apparatus.

Who uses the franking machine?

Designated users will be programmed in to the franking machine.

As cost management is vital it’s very unlikely that employers would wish every employee to have access to the franking machine, that’s why facilities are lockable. Mailroom, administration and management staff normally have access.

How do I pay?

Franking machine prices for post are standardised by Royal Mail and so whether you rent or buy a franking machine the prices for postage are always less than when stamps are used.

Online credit facilities are available for the machines and supplies through hire companies like the Aldermaston based IMS Franking.

There should be dedicated users who are proficient on the franking machine but expert advice is always available.

When should I get a franking machine?

Now. Please investigate the cost implications and franking machine prices to assist you in a switch to franking.

If you invest in smart franking machines you can expect VAT reclaim benefits and the most cost effective tariff from Royal Mail.

It’s time to take a leap in to the future. Royal Mail and their associates view franking machines, technology and efficient reporting online as the manner in which post will be managed in the years ahead.