Switch to DX mail services and save

As we all know, in business every penny counts and so does the delivery of promises. When a firm looks to DX mail they find this is an efficient method.

DX mail services send post throughout a network of professional subscribers so that a promise made of “it’ll be there in the morning” doesn’t become a lie that can impact on business.

The DX mail service originated in the legal profession as a means of secure and trustworthy communication through a private network. It boasts a mailbox facility which has over 4200 convenient locations nationwide.

Plus, unlike Royal Mail they guarantee that delivery is by 9a.m. as standard, and not only if a heavy premium is paid. Next day delivery is based on certainty not a crossed fingers scenario.

In another contrast to its major rival, in DX mail services forty years’ history the firm has never gone on strike or had its services interrupted for any reason. This dedication and professionalism has earned DX a longstanding reputation for excellence and dependability.

The DX mail services are coordinated a little differently from Royal Mail.

Effectively, this is not a public service but a private subscriber network with its own standards and rules.

There is an annual subscription fee of £250 and for larger exchange mailboxes there may be an additional maintenance charge but there is no franking, stamps or labels to fill out with full addresses.

Clients need not endure trips to a post office and frustrating queues.

When using DX mail services each member sender and recipient has a unique reference number which identifies them within the network.

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They place this on the envelope or package. The address book is online for DX mailing members.

This is quicker than using full postal addresses.

Business to business advisers like Eagle Consultancy who seek to evaluate spending and initiate cost savings for their clients regularly turn to DX mail as a viable and cost effective service provider.

They’re impartial and work in the client’s interest so if the service wasn’t at optimum level they wouldn’t recommend this as an alternative to the normal postal system.

Eagle can ensure that you pay exactly what you are meant to be paying for your DX mail services.  

DX monitoring is a valued feature of DX mail management because this helps to ensure that the expenditure for DX mail services reflects usage accurately.

The total visibility of DX mail services records means that management is in the client’s hands and that they can enjoy savings of up to and around 25% on their previous postal arrangements.

DX mail services can be managed using reporting tools which fall in line with the DX data.

This looks at the individual items of DX mail and their weight and cost for comparisons. If any savings can be made, then this system will flag it up.

DX Mail is safe, secure, professional, guaranteed and cost effective. For business users it’s often unbeatable.