The Best Use Of Crowdfunding Services

Crowdfunding services are fundamentally excellent marketing tools. The application of technologies allows us to do things that until recently were unthinkable. The crowdfunding is an area of great interest and with even modest figures, is taking off strongly. The search for a large number of small monetary contributions, in different modalities, to the financing of a project, is offering solutions in the most diverse cases. Internet and social networks make it possible.

What can we do with crowdfunding?

Financing the development of a game, a technological gadget, or covering the costs of a lawsuit against a politician: crowdfunding is being applied more and more to obtain funds successfully. Even it is already a commonly used word. I do not think it will be long before the RAE accepts it.

Different modalities

Perhaps the simplest is the reward, in which for a contribution the participant receives some type of gift, or the product that the developer intends to develop, under advantageous conditions.

Other more complex are the crowdlending in which the patrons lend money that will be returned in certain conditions, or the equity in which you receive a share in the ownership of the company that organizes it.

One of the theoretical advantages of crowdfunding services is that it allows experiments with soda. You try a concept to see if you like, without even the need to create a company, since the legal framework is provided by the crowdfunding platform; If it goes well, great and if not then to something else.

This is a false perception that can be received by those who approach this tool for the first time. Of course it could sound the flute and your happy idea invention get the backing of thousands of buyers; but this is not going to happen to you.

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