How to constantly remind your customers of your brand

The cost it sometimes takes to get someone to purchase once can sometimes be a lot more than you realise. Money can go on various different things, which makes repeat purchases that extra bit more valued. The great thing is that once they have already purchased with you, convincing them to purchase again won’t be as difficult as they know how you work and trust your service and business practices. The only issue comes with ensuring that you are kept fresh in their mind so they will come to you again. Luckily this can be very inexpensive and in this article we are going to discuss various methods of bringing clients back for more.


Marketing via electronic mail has been a very popular technique in the past decade with the rise of the internet. Everyone has an email address in today’s world and, because you have worked with them before, you should have theirs. So don’t be afraid to send a group mail out to all the people in your customer list. It keeps them up-to-date with your products and business and will remind all of your customers of yourselves when you do send it out.

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Google banners advertisements

The rise of the internet has also allowed one of the biggest brands in the world to flourish, that being Google. One of the many services they provide is Google Ad Banners where you can advertise your company on lots of different websites. This is relevant to this blog post as these advertisements allow you to truly customise your message to your customers. This is because your website will tell Google what customers have been on your website. They will then use this to advertise your banners specifically to them. This allows you to market to your customers, always reminding them of your brand and bringing them back for more.

Promotional products

One of the best techniques to constantly remind your brand has to be promotional items. For those who don’t know, promotional products are items that are printed with a company’s logo and artwork which the client will keep and use in their everyday life. This works especially well with products like promotional mugs as the customer will use them a lot when making teas and coffees for themselves, friends and family. This means that every time they are used they are being reminded of your brand.Have a look at the wide range of promotional mugs here…

Social media

Almost everyone checks in on social media at least once a day which makes it a great marketing tool. Because you have already worked with your client, they are more likely to follow your social media channels. This means that doing regular posts with a various different media will give you the opportunity to reconnect with them and sell more products to them. It is also great for building your brand up as social media allows you to really show off your company’s character. Showing your style, sense of humour and opinions can make customers more engaged with your content. Some of the most successful company social media pages are ones where they don’t just sell items but exemplify their personality. This will constantly remind them of your company as they will not only see your posts come up in their feeds but may even seek out your posts because of the charm that you exude.

Direct mail marketing

Although email marketing has become very popular in the past couple of years, companies are not abandoning the old methods of direct mail marketing. People check their post every day and will usually open every envelope they receive. This means if you were to send them a newsletter or a leaflet with your branding and products on there they would most likely give it some attention at least. A great way to remind them of your brand while recommending products that they may be interested in.