Staying Safe At Your Hotel

Millions of people stay at hotels across the world every day without any problems. Still, the few incidents that do happen, show that there are bad people out there and bad things can happen. Hotel door locks are better than ever and many hotels use an electronic key, which is safer than a regular metal key.  Hotel door locks are often all you need, but there are more things you can do to stay safe in your hotel room.

Here are some of the most effective measures you can take that will add to your security and will not take much effort.

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  • Keep people out. Obviously, you should never let anyone into your room if you do not know who they are. Even if someone claims they work for the hotel, it is a good idea to call the front desk and confirm it before letting them in. This is especially true if you did not request any service.
  • Preventing a break in.  Put a piece of tape over the peephole, as it is possible someone could see through it. Use something to jam the door when you are inside. Commercial door stoppers are available, but any wedge type material that is sturdy would work.
  • Where the hotel is. Pick up a couple business cards at the front desk when you check in. Look for matchbooks in the room and put one in your pocket.  If you get lost, you will know the correct address to give to a cab driver, for instance.
  • Protect your identity. When signing in, use your first initial, and the last name, instead of your whole name. Also, it is a good idea for women to sign in as “Mrs.” which gives the impression she may not be traveling alone. The person checking you in should not say your room number, and often they write it down instead. If they do, and there are people around, you might want to ask for another room. Avoid letting your credit card lay on the counter. Put it away quickly when you get it back.
  • Personal safety. If someone helps you carry your luggage to your room, keep the door open and look in all areas of the room to make sure no one is there before that person leaves.
  • Protect your property. Even great hotels can accidentally hire a thief.  Lock your property up in the room safe, or in the hotel safe. If that is not possible, you can get a lock to attach to your laptop.

Hotel door locks are often all you need, but it is better to be safe than sorry. These guidelines can help you in those rare cases where hotel door locks are not enough.