Seeking Drug and Alcohol Help at Orange County Rehab Centers

Seeking Drug and Alcohol Help at Orange County Detox Centers

When you’re ready to begin your road to recovery, Orange County detox centers can help. Detoxification or detox is an important part of a drug and alcohol recovery program. This is because it helps you to work first on the physical part of addiction and offers a strong foundation for dealing with issues related to one’s addiction. Detox is the first phase of a professional drug rehab program at Orange County detox centers. The goal is to keep individuals as comfortable as possible during this difficult and oftentimes painful process.

What to Expect After Arriving

Upon intake at a professional California detox center, each individual will undergo a full medical and psycho-social assessment. This portion of the rehab process allows professionals to determine the substances and amounts the client used prior to entering the detox facility. This also helps them to identify issues that may interfere with someone’s recovery such as mental health issues. After the assessment is complete, an individualized drug treatment program is created to help that particular person succeed throughout their recovery process. Each individual will be evaluated daily to determine if any changes are needed to be made to their initial program and to closely monitor their health.

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The Detox Process

A professional facility can help individuals to detox from alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, bath salts, codeine, Vicodin, Xanax, valium, and klonopin, just to name a few. Depending on the type of addiction, an individual may be given medication to reduce the physical withdrawal symptoms of their detox process. These medications are non-narcotic and only prescribed for short periods of time to prevent addiction from forming. Detox can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. After the physical aspect of recovery is complete, the mental aspect of recovery begins. To achieve this, individuals participate in treatment groups. This second phase is known as Primary Care and Residential Treatment. This transitions them from the detox facility to a treatment home.

Seeking Help for Addiction

When someone is ready to overcome their substance abuse problem, finding Orange County detox centers that have a proven track record with success is important. Whether you’re dealing with a single substance abuse issues or a dual diagnosis, a professional rehab center can assess you accordingly and customize a treatment plan that will help you get and stay sober for a lifetime. Orange County detox centers are located in the beautiful Orange County in the heart of Southern California. There are fewer places on Earth more beautiful than the areas along the Pacific Coast.