The Benefits of a Cage Bearing Conveyor Chain

If you own an overhead conveyor system, you know how important a conveyor chain is to your system. The chain helps to ensure the gears and parts on the system turn and move as they should. Think about the chain on your conveyor system like the chain on your bike. If the chain on your bike is broken or loose, the parts may not turn and your bike may not ride as smoothly or be able to be ridden at all. The same is true fo your overhead conveyor system. When you are selecting a chain for the system, there are different options you can select from. a cage bearing chain is one of the newest types of chains. Here are a few of the benefits associated with this type of chain for your conveyor system.

Longer Life

One of the benefits associated with a cage bearing chain for an overhead conveyor system is that a cage bearing chain has a longer lifespan that other types of chains. If you run your overhead system continuously, this is an important factor to keep in mind. You may go through chains frequently, which not only costs you money, but time as well when the system is down for chain replacement. A long-lasting chain helps to prevent this issue.

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Quieter Operation

Another benefit associated with this type of chain for a conveyor system is that it helps your machinery operate quieter. Overhead conveyor systems are beneficial to your business, but they can be loud and noisy, depending on the chain and parts you select. If you want to help to keep things as quiet as possible, a cage bearing chain may be the perfect option for your business.

Fewer Repairs

The last benefits associated with a cage bearing chain for an overhead conveyor system is that this type of chain requires fewer repairs than other types of chains. Once again, if your chain breaks or needs to be repaired, your overhead system may not work. In turn, your employees may have to either stop what they are doing or do things without machinery. This slows down your entire business. A chain that requires fewer repairs keeps things moving.

If you are in the market for a conveyor chain, there are different types you can select from. Taking the time to learn the benefits associated with each type will help you make a decision as to which one is best for you. If you want a chain that has a long life, helps your overhead conveyor system run smoothly and quietly and requires fewer repairs, a cage bearing conveyor chain may be ideal for you.