Things to do after a slip and fall accident

One-fourth of the population of the world has been a victim of slip and fall accident at some point in their life. The accident could be because of someone else’s fault and it can happen with anyone and anywhere. A large majority of people don’t know what to do after such an accident takes place because of someone else’s fault. In such cases, it is recommended to work with a good slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles for legal counsel.

Business places, parking lots, residential complexes and more must be maintained so as to ensure the safety of people that travel there. Immediately after a slip and fall accident, it is important to take these steps to ensure you have a strong legal case in a court of law. Here are some things to do after a slip and fall accident:

Record the conditions

It is important to take pictures of the conditions that caused the trip and fall. Make a video with an emphasis on hazards in that place. These pictures act as evidence in a court of law to prove that the fault of the other party. Also, when the witnesses present their versions of the story, the photographs can solidify the fault of the defendant.

Seek medical attention

Visit the doctor as soon as possible and let them inspect you for injuries. If any significant injury is found, the doctor must state in the report that it is due to the slip and fall accident. This is important as a large number of defendants claim that the injury must have taken place on some other occasion. The doctor not only inspects the injuries but also develops an action plan to help the victim recover from those injuries as soon as possible.

Identify witnesses

If the slip and fall accident occurs in the business place, then the staff and people around can be the witnesses. Look around yourself and note down the contact information of those people. Their statements can be very useful in building a strong slip and fall case against the defendant. Hire a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible to lock in the statement of witnesses. If there were no witnesses, there must be some security camera around the corner recording the entire event. Footage from that security cameras can also be used as proof.

Work with an attorney

The objective of the defending party here is to pay you as little as possible. Their insurance company may come into the picture with some bizarre claims and completely misguide you. An experienced attorney knows the tactics of insurance companies in such situations and is trained to deal with them in an effective and efficient manner. A slip and fall attorney can negotiate with the other side and get you the best possible claim for your loss.

Furnish official reports

Document everything vital that happens after a slip and fall accident. Not doing this may give the other party a chance to get away with their fault by saying that the victim didn’t take accident seriously. Also, write anything which you think of as pivotal in solidifying your claim.

A slip and fall accident can bring substantial injuries. Therefore, it is crucial for the victim to do everything mentioned in the points above to build a strong case against the defendant.