Are You Looking for a Profitable Small Business Franchise?

Coming up with a small business franchise that will be profitable can be difficult. Industries are bound to turn less profitable at some time or the other, but the insurance restoration industry is a lot less volatile than many simply because it is a service that is needed on a regular basis.

This industry handles insured home and commercial property owners of all demographics, so you’re not limited to a small population of customers. When disaster inevitably strikes at some time or another, these individuals call their insurance companies and request repair and reconstruction to their buildings. That’s where we come in. We contract with insurance companies to provide a necessary service to these property owners in a timely and dependable way.

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When you are one of our small business franchise owners, you work in a territory that has at least 280,000 people. Your territory may have as many as a million people. You’re likely located in or near a major metro area, and you’ll service commercial housing, hospitality properties, and residential neighborhoods to help property owners get back to their regular routines in a safe environment.

While starting a new business can be daunting, to say the least, we provide unparalleled support to our franchise owners. You can count on us to help you build and market your business with our proven business model. We handle customers who have fire, water, and environmental losses, and we will train you in the use of processes, procedures, policies, and technology that will make your work even more profitable.

Our average gross profit margin is 43.48%, and we work in a multi-billion dollar industry. Your total investment will be between about $162,800 and $333,000. Our franchise fee is $60,000, and you receive 4 percent of construction revenue and 8 percent of emergency services revenue. We also offer multi-unit development agreements for certain qualified franchise owners who have the necessary infrastructure, and franchises are available around the country.

Our business is profitable, and we will stand with you to help you create a business most definitely in the black as well. If you’re already a construction business owner with a successful track record, we are definitely interested in talking with you. Our average contracts are invoiced at about $1.47 million, and we want to continue to grow that average and help you grow your business as well. We offer a unique and profitable small business franchise to set you on your path to financial success.