Planning to rent a Self-Storage unit? Avoid these 3 Simple Mistakes

Are you planning on renting out a self-storage unit? Make sure not to make these simple mistakes as the mistakes might be simple, but the repercussion might become a big hassle for you. 

There are many important parameters you will have to analyze to finalize renting out the right self-storage unit for you, but these are the 3 basic mistakes most people make.

Mistake #1. Not Hiring a Right Size Self-Storage Unit

This is the most common mistake everyone makes-overlooking the future. Whatever you must store in the present are the only items you consider. You do not think of the bigger picture as to what if in future you would require storing extra stuff? Well if that scenario occurs, you will be forced upon spending extra money to rent out a new storage unit which might get expensive.

Another scenario could be that you do not calculate the amount of space your belongings would take, and you rent a space much bigger than required which leads to you paying storage rent for a bigger unit unnecessarily.

Both these scenarios can be simply avoided by making an inventory of everything you need to store along with its sizes. Few self-storage unit providers such as public storage Pasadena offer a vast range of unit sizes; you can choose the size which suits your requirement.

Mistake #2. Emphasizing too much on Saving Money at the Cost of Service Quality

It is a good thought to save money and rent a self-storage unit at an economical rate. But just to make the rate economical many people do not pay attention to details like the security of the facility and insurance of their belonging as it seems like an extra expenditure which is not required.

Well, I understand most of the time your belongings are secure in the storage unit and you really don’t need to worry much but what if things don’t go the way you assumed. Saving these small bucks might cost you more.

Mistake #3. Not doing enough research of the Self-Storage unit

The Internet is a vast area where you will find information on literally anything. Before you buy a product, you obviously research about it well on the net. Treat renting a storage unit in a similar fashion. Research as much as you can about the facility and read user reviews. In my experience, review serves the best judge. You can easily get ratings and reviews online that would help you judge if the storage unit is worth visiting.

Final Thoughts:

You need to make the conscious decision of renting a self-storage unit with all the information you can gather and weight upon what is necessary for you. Balance between finance and security before finalizing on renting a self-storage unit which meets all your needs.