Auto Shop Software that Works for You by Tekmetric

Tekmetric’s new auto shop software is an all-in-one solution

Tekmetric has revolutionized auto shop software. They’ve been able to create a web-based system that provides unlimited access. You’ll be able to conduct digital vehicle inspections with ease. Creating work orders and estimates are now simplified. Your technicians will be required to check all areas of the vehicle, resulting in additional jobs. Canned jobs and custom quotes are able to be created instantly. You’ll be able to upload photos as well. Customers appreciate this feature, as it helps them to understand the importance of the repair. They’re able to prioritize repairs if they are having work done at a later date. The text messaging feature will allow you to communicate directly with the customer from the program. You’ll be able to send status updates, appointment reminders, and even estimates. This is a great feature which will save you time from having to call customers. You’ll also save time by not having to access your auto shop software at the service desk.

Tekmetric will save you time and money

With Tekmetric your technicians will easily be able to boost their efficiency. This means that you’ll be able to book more jobs. You won’t have to waste money on order forms. Tekmetric also automatically updates your inventory and will even warn you when parts are getting low in stock. Vendor and OEM parts information are all at your disposal. You’ll be able to check your inventory, measure job profitability, and even update Carfax reports instantly. Tekmetric makes managing your business a whole lot easier. You’ll be able to create custom reports with the touch of a button. Having instant reporting features are a feature that’s a favorite of many shop owners and managers.

Tekmetric offers unlimited service

Tekmetric takes away limitations that other auto shop software programs have. With Tekmetric, you’ll be able to access the service and have unlimited profiles. You’ll also be able to set user levels. This feature ensures that only relevant information is being accessed by employees. If you own more than one shop, you’ll be able to see data from all of them with a single login. You’ll have unlimited customer profiles as well. Security of your customers’ information is always important. With the latest SSL data encryption, you won’t have to worry about the shop, vehicle, or customer information being compromised. Web-based data storage means that you won’t have to run backups or maintain a server. Tekmetric allows you to focus on growing your business while becoming more profitable.

Tekmetric will let you try it before you buy it

Tekmetric is offering early access to its auto shop software with a free trial. You’ll be able to use the service for free for the rest of the year. There’s no obligation to continue and there are no upfront fees. Simply have a free demonstration that will show you exactly how Tekmetric will fit into your daily routine. The Tekmetric website provides snapshots of the product and will allow you to schedule your free demonstration. Visit and get your free demonstration scheduled, today.