Lawyer and Private Investigator: a Necessary Collaboration in a Trial

The relationship between the lawyer and the private detective is essential today in an investigation. Indeed, their collaboration in the civil trial allows the lawyer to carry out additional investigations and obtain additional investigative means. It is therefore in the interest of the client to call in a private investigator even if he already has a lawyer.


The investigator has a vital role to play in producing accurate and detailed reports covering all the information gathered during the investigation. These documents will be useful to influence what the judge verdict on the case would be.

Thus, these reports constitute crucial evidence in the proceedings. The lawyer takes over it once it’s gotten to be exclusively produced in court and intended for magistrates.

When asked to, the investigator is also required to respect the adversarial principle and fairness. Through the right tools, he should be able to give the lawyer tangible feedback, so as to please the client. In fact, the strategy used by the lawyer and the investigator must work in Concord. It is this complementarity between these two professions that make it possible to serve the trial and the fair manifestation of the truth.

Compatible Ethics with the Same Purpose

The private investigator directs his investigations towards the search for private information in fields governed by commercial or civil law. His main role is the gathering of evidence. He is thus a player in the defense, just like the lawyer. Furthermore, the police are not competent nor legitimate to intervene in the private domain, reserved for the detective.

The Lawyer and Private Law Investigator are Required to Collaborate in Civil and Commercial Matters

Indeed, while the profession of lawyer is old, that of a private investigator is more recent and evolving.

Lawyers and private detectives must play by the strict rules, including respectability, not invading privacies, professional secrecy and loyalty. Clients share sensitive data with both the lawyer and the private investigator. Sanctions are applicable in case of non-compliance with this obligation by the professional.

The client’s interest should be considered first and respected must by the two actors, it makes two close professions that must collaborate healthily and in a sustainable way for the trial.


These similarities can only be favorable to the client’s victory during the trial. Therefore, it’s important that a professional investigator is hired as the expertise has been proved to go a long way in aiding a trial. You can find a trusted PI Toronto, and all over Canada you just have to search the right places.