Disaster Restoration Franchise Opportunities Miami FL

Take advantage of disaster restoration franchise opportunities Miami FL has to offer so that you can become a successful business owner in a region where Mother Nature has a tendency to hit hard. Hard-hitting storms like hurricanes and tropical storms, hail, wind, and water cause a lot of damage that can devastate a home or business. With your help, your clients can work toward regaining some sense of routine and predictability in their lives.

Disaster restoration is a $210 billion industry, so you can work without worrying about whether the weather is going to cooperate or whether the economy is doing well enough for new construction to occur. We do about 73 restoration jobs each month per 100,000 people. Our territories are the largest exclusive regions in the franchise space, so you will have plenty of work to keep your employees busy. We offer unlimited opportunities for growth in most markets as well as regional and national contracts, so this further increases your chances to keep busy and expand your business.

We offer a proprietary software program that we train you how to use that streamlines the process of doing your jobs. Our corporate office handles all of the back office work like invoice review, invoicing, collections, and more so that you can concentrate on what makes your business grow: marketing and fielding business calls.

Additionally, we exclusively use thermal technology on each of our jobs so that we can more quickly identify problems and how to solve them on each job. Thermal technology is among the latest innovations in the field, and we are proud to use it every day. Thermal technology also empowers you to do your jobs more quickly and efficiently, which means more money for you.

When you work as our franchisee, you also work as an important pillar of your community. By helping people get their life back to normal after a disaster in their home or office, you are the person who is most responsible for helping re-create a space where they can live and work with ease and enjoyment. You pave the way for general contractors to come in and help people rebuild their lives. By mitigating the disaster, you’re providing an invaluable resource that makes a positive difference in your clients’ lives.

Contact us when you have questions about disaster restoration franchise opportunities Miami FL so that we can answer them and help you get started on the path to ownership of a franchise as soon as possible.