The Office and the Furniture Items Exactly the Way You Need

The Office and the Furniture Items Exactly the Way You Need
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A sustainable office is also an office produced with raw materials from an environment-friendly operation, be it pollution or sustainable management of the forest.Do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to eco-labels certifying office furniture.

The User Friendly Office

A friendly office is an office that must adapt to all users who interact with it. Here are a few examples of criteria and features that transform a standard office into an office suitable for professional use. You can simply click here and find the best furniture items now.

  • Storage well positioned to avoid twisting of all kinds, or even constrain movement. The mobility of certain boxes can also provide great comfort in use.
  • A reasonable weight allowing occasional movements and ensuring versatility.
  • Adapted to the room and well positioned to allow good navigation around, for the employee as for the maintenance personnel passing daily.
  • Have cable grommets allowing the electrification of the office, but also to offer a clean environment and easy to maintain.
  • With tops access allowing to pass the cables under the desk, but also to integrate electrical outlets or PC connectors such as USB hubs.

Non-slip pads

Several factors are leading organizations to review the layout of their spaces. In any case, these are important steps that have their share of challenges and opportunities. Change is always positive when it is done well. Hence there is the importance of surrounding yourself well.

  • We live in the H erafor Humanwhere the notions of comfort, well-being, collaborative work and individual mobility are important pillars of new business strategies in terms of work environments.
  • In 2019, when we think about a business space, we are not shopping for a chair, a desk or a table. We define a culture, a journey, a brand. We build an experience. That is that of the client, the employee, the users, the occupants, the tenants, the visitors.

The first quality of a good supplier is not only to be aware of it, but to be able to participate with intelligence and flexibility. You want a partner who is first of all a strategist and a planning consultant. Well before office furniture, there is therefore the expertise it should be able to offer you, and the quality of its service.

This performance manifests itself in many ways:

It is in the openness and listening to your needs, then the rapid development of a service offer and a clear quote, complete and representative of your instructions and your requirements.

In the provision of a dedicated and highly qualified team who will guide you throughout your project.

In the scope of the business network and the reflex to collaborate with enthusiasm and passion with all the actors selected to work on the customer development project: architects designers, entrepreneurs, project managers, working groups, project management committees.

In the capacity to contribute in depth to this team and to the planning strategy of the spaces

A good supplier does not sell office furniture, it brings solutions. Anyone can sell an ergonomic chair. Not everyone is able to offer an ergonomic consulting service, to take only this example in-depth knowledge of LEED and WELL standards, as well as through certain aspects of change management and talent retention.

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