The best financial lenders use the safest web portals

Reliable private lenders are committed to managing your personal and financial information securely. Their websites should use a secure server (which you can identify by the “https” in the address bar). Lenders who do not require a credit check ensure that your loan application will not affect your credit rating, which will help you for your subsequent loan applications.In Singapore, it is advisable that you are aware of what is the standard licensed money lender Singapore interest rate so that they would not subscribe to lenders who are offering above the standard interest rate.

Fast Availability

The primary reason you go through a private lender is that you need access to money fast. One of the first things you should look for in lenders is how quickly you get the money you need.The best lenders ensure that you can complete the application process and get the money into your account in less than 24 hours.In many cases, you can receive the money even faster. The sooner you receive your money, the sooner you can solve your current financial emergency.

A Real Online Request

Some private lenders claim to provide a fully online service, but still require that you move to their offices to finalize the application. Depending on your schedule and the means of transport, this is a disadvantage that may not be minor  it may even be a logistical impossibility.Fortunately, improvements in internet technology allow many lenders to offer comprehensive services only online. You can submit your information and download important documents from your home, without the need to take a day off or public transit to finalize your application.

Comprehensive information

Paying fines or rate increases that were not explained in advance is certainly not advisable when a shortterm unsecured loan is used. Trusted private lenders have nothing to hide so their websites should include a strong FAQ that details the limits and obligations of your loan.Providing all the information you need to make an informed decision (such as interest rates, payment schedules, and so on) is a good indicator that you are dealing with a legitimate business.

An Approval Process

It may not be necessary to have a good credit rating to get a loan, but legitimate private lenders should still have an approval process before you hand over the money. Legitimate lenders will do a thorough analysis to ensure that you comply with the salary requirements and that you have no other financial obligations that could hinder your ability to repay a loan.While this approval process may prevent some people from obtaining a loan, it also indicates that the lender avoids the predatory practices that trap individuals in an oppressive debt cycle. In other words, you will not be able to get a loan if you are not able to repay it.


Making your way around the world of private online lenders can be intimidating, but by following the tips outlined above, you will be able to choose a lender whose practices are responsible. By borrowing responsibly, you can quickly get the money you need, without causing future financial stress.