Make Fundraising Fast With TheDonorbox Donation Forms

Are you looking for the best option to upgrade the Donation Forms online? Donorbox makes everything easier with the recurring donation features. With the use of Donorbox Donation Form, it is much easier to choose the Annual, Monthly and Weekly donations using a few clicks.

Fundraising online becomes quite difficult for the non-profit organizations. Millions of dollars are garnered in the charitable that helps the non-profit industry. It comes no surprise that many number of organisations looks for stepping into the best online fundraising aspects.

Integrated Campaign Medium:

Donorbox Donation Forms is mainly integrated with more number of website builders for the ease of setup. Donate button is also included with the outgoing emails so that it would be easier to contact the potential donors instantly.

In fact, you could easily Link the Donation page with the Facebook account so that it is much easier to access the online. When you do not have the website then there is no need to worry. With the use of Donorbox, it is much more efficient to create a donation page automatically with hosting the most secure server.

Better Processing Costs:

Donorbox is the ultimate free when you only get less than one thousand dollar per month. In fact, you are not charged for the setup costs. When you reach the target of one thousand dollar donations then Donorbox would charge you with 0.89% per month as fee. However, many other donation platforms would charge 2 to 5%. Donorbox is the ideal option for the nonprofits to cut the costs.

Donorbox is completely free so that it lets you collect about $1000. You could also easily get the complete Donorbox at the lowest processing fee which would maximise the donation. It would take only a few clicks for selecting the best option. Recurring would give the program with reliable source for the income on the non-profits. Donorbox ensures the organizations suitable for accepting the monthly recurring donations.

Donation Forms With Payment Methods:

The Donorbox Donation Forms excellently supports the user criteria of every payment methods that include

  •    Card Payments
  •    Google Pay
  •    Apple Pay
  •    PayPal
  •    ACH and many more

Donorbox servers are certified so that Apple Pay transactions could be completely supported and made easier for the Donorbox hosted donation page. Donorbox Donation Forms supports the Custom Question so that you could easily collector contact the suggestion. Choosing the secure donation software would give convenient transaction features. Donorbox is enabled with the SSL/TLS along with which the Credit card information will be encrypted as well as tokenized. Stripe payment processor is used in the Donorbox server for securing the information on the devices.