Office Design Ideas – Make the Most of Your Small Space

Having a small office or workspace shouldn’t limit your creativity. There are a wealth of ways that you can make the most of your office space and achieve the your desired office design.

If you’re in need of inspiration and office design ideas for your small space, read on to discover our tips and tricks.

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Small Office Design Layout Ideas

When working with a small office space, you’ll need to figure out ways to make your office feel larger and how to use your square footage more efficiently. Below, we’ve provided some modern office design ideas for small spaces that can help you to do just that.

Reduce unused space

One way of doing this is by eliminating any ‘dead space’ within your office. Dead space is space that ultimately has no purpose, and this can eat up at your square footage if you’re not careful. Make sure to keep desks and shelves closes together with minimal spaces in between, as this can help to free up more floor space for other things.

Encourage natural light into your space

Another way of making a space feel bigger is by letting in more natural light. Of course, you can only let in as much natural light as your windows will permit. However, you can increase this amount by making sure no shelves or desks are blocking windows, and by opting for blinds or rollers that let lots of light through.

Use cloud storage

Not only do filing cabinets and folders take up lots of space, they’re also harmful to the environment as using paper depletes our natural resources.

You can maximise the available space in your office by ditching the paperwork and filing cabinets in favour of cloud storage. This allows you to save your important documents on a secure server saving you time, money and space.

Opt for Multi-purpose Office Furniture

Investing in furniture that has multiple uses is a great way to save space and money at the same time. Whether it’s a storage unit that doubles up as a desk, or a meeting table with hidden storage – it’s these smart office furniture choices that will help you to make the best use of your small space.

If you’re on the hunt for stylish and functional office furniture, stores such as IKEA and MADE have a wealth of options for you to fill your office space with.

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Don’t Forget to Declutter

If you’ve applied all the changes above and you’re still struggling for space, it might be time for a clear out. Even small items such as spare cables can take up space, therefore, you’ll need to seriously evaluate the items that are currently in your office and decide whether they’re actually needed.

Try to be cut-throat in your choices in order to get rid of the most clutter. If the item is not used more than once a week and serves no obvious purpose – bin, re-house or recycle it!