Christmas carols by the fridge trailer anyone?

Christmas is a time for peace on earth and heartwarming candlelit carols. If you are an organisation or community group that will be hosting a carol concert in the upcoming weeks, then here’s a question about the catering.


Do you have enough fridge space?

If you intend to offer teas, coffees, cold drinks and maybe some tasty snacks to the guests where are you planning on storing the milk and any foodstuffs that must be kept in cold storage?

Is it really practical in what may be slightly treacherous weather to think of popping home every time restocking is required?

You may prepare sandwiches at 2pm that by 7pm’s carol concert will look tired, soggy or curled and no one wants a canapé that’s appearance suggests it’s been saved from last year’s event!


As a provider of refreshments you’ll need to adhere to health and safety legislation and the on-site facilities may offer less capacity than required or be in use already.

Leaving food by an open window or milk outside a door in the December chill won’t be enough to be food safety competent.

It’s understandable that the budget may be tight for social events but to be sure than no one will leave the carol concert feeling ill fridge hire should be investigated.

By taking a moment away from the music and lyrics and planning ahead regarding refreshments and catering you’ll save yourself and fellow organisers from stress.


Mobile fridge hire is simple to arrange and it is recommended that you read online reviews to gain an impression of who will be an effective mobile fridge provider and who may boast a lot but actually deliver little satisfactory service.

You’re too busy to be double checking that a service provider will do what they say so make certain that you choose one of the best like Icecool Trailers who cover London, Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, the Midlands and South Wales.

Cheap and cheerful could leave you disgruntled and very un-Christmassy. Bah-humbug!


Reputable mobile fridge hire companies deliver the units to site saving you the time and exertion. Fridge trailers have wheels and can be positioned inside or outside the building.

If you need the fridge hire facilities to be outside by the kitchen, in a marquee, in a corridor or entrance foyer then fridge trailer hire is convenient, cost effective and labour saving.

If your hire unit will definitely be located indoors you can investigate cold rooms. These don’t have wheels, are assembled on site and can sit in a garage, the back of the hall, in a spare room. The choice is yours.


Fridge hire companies set the equipment up, organise shelves to correct heights for your benefit and won’t leave site until the unit is running and ready for you to use.

At the end of the hire period they’ll return to site, remove the mobile fridge hire unit and leave you to gorge yourself silly on mince pies.