Where to Stay on Your London Business Trip

Planning a business trip can be a particularly stressful time, especially when it comes down to the place you will be spending the majority of your down time. Back in the 1990’s, or even at the turn of the century, most people on business trips would be staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast (BnB). However, over the course of the last decade, a market has evolved that allows you to let an entire apartment or house for a much shorter period of time than was once considered the norm’.

These arrangements usually provide substantially better value than their traditional counterparts. A well-presented hotel in central London may charge anywhere in the region of £150-300 per night, per person. Historically, this was simply accepted as there were very few alternatives. That is simply no longer the case. You can now take out short lets in London, affording you much greater comfort, privacy and less restrictive rule-sets. Usually, it is also more economical for two people to share a two-bedroom apartment than hotel rooms, whether separate or shared. This stands true in many major cities, all across the globe. For evidence of this, you need to look no further than the consumer-focused application and business model of Air BnB.

Additionally, while suitable establishments would usually only be found in specific areas of London, namely the central areas, short lets in London can be found across the city. This can save hours of travelling every day, if you plan to be predominately operating on the outskirts of the British capital city.

That one factor alone can see the productivity of the trip increase significantly, as less time travelling means there is more time for business activities and a much less stressful trip in general. While London is a fantastic city, very few people plan to spend their time in the back of an expensive Uber, on the London Underground or generally sitting in the rampant congestion that plagues the nation’s capital. With short term lets being available across London, they are often seen as the more convenient option in 2018.

Ultimately, everyone has their preference when it comes to how they prefer to travel. Some people would always rather be in a hotel but when you consider that you can pay less for an entire apartment than you would for a single room, it’s understandable as to why many people are making the decision to go with short lets in London for their business trips.