The Most Effective Digital Marketing Tools

When considering digital marketing, the digital marketing tools you use are the most important because they are reliable way of getting the job done. Digital marketing tools include a lot of things from social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook to analytical tools such as Google Analytics. As a marketer using these tools, you are able to measure the performance of the campaign’s your conducting. They also ensure that you launch and test your marketing campaigns in the most effective and quickest way.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common tools for your digital agency that you can use to your advantage.

Social media

Most digital agencies know that one of the integral parts of any marketing strategy is using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is simply one of the best ways for marketers to engage with customers and generate conversations around the brands they are advertising for. Apart from some of the standard features you get when you sign up to the platforms, they are features specifically designed for marketers in order to make it easy for businesses to attract customers.

These features are very effective, such as the Facebook Ads Manager, for instance, that allows digital marketers to handle ads and track their performance. When you use these platforms, you can integrate them with social media marketing tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite in order to schedule posts and measure the engagement going on.

Design tools

Design is also one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing agency especially when it comes to ad and content creation such as blog posts or social media posts. Given the fact that digital marketing is heavily invested in design, it would be impossible to work without design tools such as Photoshop and other programs that enable extensive graphics that add to the dynamic images used for marketing campaigns.

Analytical tools

The next set of very helpful digital marketing tools are Analytics tools. Some of these include Google Analytics, which tracks statistics for website traffic, Twitter Analytics, and Facebook insights. All these play a vital role in digital marketing campaigns and it would be very hard to manage a company without them.

Content marketing tools

Digital marketing services that do more with content marketing can use tools like Hubspot or go schedule. These tools are very effective when it comes to creating content as well as curating it. They are also good when it comes to identifying contact opportunities as well as craft and write blog posts.

Email marketing tools

The last set of tools a digital marketer needs are email marketing tools because they are a big help when it comes to creating email campaigns that encourage customers to engage with them. Some platforms like MailChimp enable digital marketers to build email list as well as to automate email campaigns.


Working as a digital marketer is no easy task, but it gets a whole lot exciting when you’re using all these tools. They make the job a lot easier and strategizing becomes second nature. For you to maximize your marketing campaigns you need to have some of these tools.