How to help your employees with their wellbeing

Happy and healthy workers are productive workers. As a business owner or manager, it is essential that you are looking out for your employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing, both from a human point of view and from a business productivity point of view. There has been a shift over the last decade or so to create a more nurturing and caring workplace for staff in the US, and it is important to continue this trend and push it further. Here are some ways to make sure your employees’ wellbeing is looked after.

Medical check-ups

Nothing is more comforting than getting the all clear from the doctor. So many things can go wrong in the body, and regular testing and checkups for your employees will put them at ease, at least on that front. There are several ways to get your employees tested, including health testing centers online and by sending them to clinics. Think about blood testing, liver testing, fitness testing and other aspects of employee health.

Additionally, checkups don’t just help employees – if something is caught early, not only does it prevent them from getting sick, but it also prevents long periods of ill health that will stop them from working for you. Healthier employees equal more productive employees, and this will show that you care about them, thus inspiring greater loyalty.

Air quality

Stuffy air will lower employees’ energy and concentration when they are trying to work. A study found that workers’ cognitive performance increased dramatically with higher quality air. Make sure that there is good ventilation in the office and that windows are opened when it’s hot. Another great option is to get some indoor plants for the office – they not only look nice, but they can also improve the quality of your air by increasing the oxygen in the room.

Workout classes and fitness

For many people, modern working life involves sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. In the past, when most of us toiled in the fields or in factories, exercise was a part of work, but now it isn’t. There are only so many hours in the week, and it can be difficult to fit exercise into that.

Obesity is an epidemic in the US, with 40% of Americans classed as obese. Lack of exercise is a large factor behind this, so why not incorporate it into the working day? An on-site gym is an expensive option, but what about discounted gym membership or even introducing a daily exercise session for your workers? Not only will it make them healthier in the long term, but it will also give them a post-exercise buzz to grant even more productivity.

Introduce natural light

Funnily enough, a human’s natural environment is not sitting in front of a screen in an artificially lit room all day long. Windows are a wonderful thing, so open the curtains and pull up the blinds so that your employees can get as much natural light as possible while they’re in the office. In addition, you can schedule meetings to be taken outside (providing the weather is nice) to really make the most of Mother Nature.

Consider their mental health

Wellbeing is not just about physical health. Emotional and mental wellbeing is just as important and can have just as big an impact on employee productivity. Depression and anxiety cost the global economy an estimated $1 trillion a year. Make sure that you let all of your employees know that they can talk to you about their mental health problems. Employees will not come to you if they feel like you won’t respect their issues, so do a company announcement about your willingness to talk about it.


Another factor contributing to the obesity epidemic is diet. Too many sugary sodas and snacks are adding up to an overweight and unhealthy workforce. We spend eight hours a day at work, and when we are there, we will (hopefully) eat lunch and some snacks, so try to help your employees only eat healthy things while they are at work. Fruit is cheap – you can buy some every few days and put it into a basket in the office kitchen, inviting employees to help themselves.


As an employer or manager, it is your responsibility to make sure your employees’ wellbeing is looked after. Whether it’s their physical or mental wellbeing, there are several ways that you can help employees. After all, healthy employees are happy and productive employees.