Choosing the Most Secure Retirement Plan

Gold is considered the most secure asset; it is the part of the asset portfolio of every Country, State, organization. Individuals invest in gold when they are planning for their retirement, as gold will give incremented return to their investments allowing them to live a comfortable life.

Gold IRA (individual retirement account) is a physical gold backed account held in the name of the beneficiary, it does not hold paper gold as done by other retirement plans. The benefit of a Gold IRA account is that it does not invites tax on the savings of the individual, therefore securing and saving their hard earned money.   

401K is a type of saving account prevalent in the USA, in which the employer’s company contributes to savings and deducting it from his/salary every month until it is withdrawn or until the law permits. All these retirement plans come under Regal Assets which give the option of transferring or rolling over their savings into Gold IRA account and reap its benefits.

In a rollover you can convert your retirement plan, irrespective of account holding your assets and convert it into Gold IRA. We can provide you with the option of Converting your 401K into a secure Gold IRA account by following a simple process that can be customized in terms of the asset you want to choose:

  1. Start by opening a new Regal Assets Metals IRA account. After that our executives will advise on the type of new account you can open without any fines or penalties levied on the transfer process.
  2. In the next step, after your precious metal IRA account has been opened, you are given the option to choose a metal among the precious metals that we offer which are Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum. (In this case Gold).
  3. After you have chosen your asset, it takes about 2 weeks for the roll-over process to complete, during which the regal assets precious metal’s executives will be there for your assistance at every step.

During the transfer process of converting your 401K into secure Gold IRA, the conditions IRS are kept in mind and the plans are advised based on the rules and regulations of IRS. The gold IRA account is the best option to hold your savings as gold is the most valuable and secure asset during the times of economic slowdown, its value does not fall abruptly in case of depression.