A Gaze at the Glazing


Windows lend an outlet for air and light in our homes. The installation process of the windows or glazing is an important part of house construction. Glazing is an often used process for beautifying and protecting our homes. Double glazing in London is made easy with us. Look up our services for an out of the box experience with glass installation in London.

Glaze with care 

While installing glazing products, we need to take care of the following points:-

  1. Security Deposit

The company might ask for a security deposit which might comprise of 10 to 50% of the total installation cost. We recommend you do so, but with care. Certain organizations offer a security deposit indemnity fund which will redeem your money if the company runs into a financial mess. It’s a smart move to secure your deposit beforehand.

  1. Company’s reputation

The homeowner should be aware of the company’s financial stability and fiscal future. For doing so, one should look up the track record of the company. Keeping a track of their public profile and seeking out the organizations of which it is a member of will also help. Checking out the company’s website is also recommended.

  1. Don’t be in doldrums while dealing

The glazing companies should ideally conduct the following steps with total transparency to the customers-the manner of selling the products, the installations carried out at your home, the survey of the home, the products they want to sell to you, and finally the guarantee they offer with their products.

They should perform all the activities and installations at the customer’s site while keeping in mind the interests of the customer.

  1. Read carefully before you sign along the dotted line

The contract which is signed between the customer and the company should be read by the customer properly and carefully before signing. Be especially mindful of the terms of cancellation. The contract should clearly indicate the terms and conditions of the company. The cooling off period is also a cause for concern. It is defined as the period during which the contract may be canceled by either party without paying a penalty. Certain companies offer a cooling off period while certain companies don’t.

5 Guarantees and warranty conditions

While some companies offer to guarantee up to a period of 10 years, some may not offer that much. So, you must be well informed before making a purchase related decision when it comes to installing glass and other glazing products. Guarantees can be transferred to the new owners once you decide to sell the property to somebody else, but it is done so with some extra payment.

  1. Fair trial

It’s a rare phenomenon that the company and the customers are at loggerheads with each other over some issue. In the rarest of rare cases, even if such a situation arises, the company resolves the matter in a well-planned way in accordance with the company’s complaint resolution protocol. The homeowner should check beforehand the company’s stand on resolving such matters. The company must employ fair means and the verdict must be justified. There should be a provision for handling complaints at a written level. It will be a wise decision to select a company which has been approved by the consumer code.