How To File A Claim For Your Stolen Vehicle?

The increasing number of crimes and robberies in our country point towards the necessity to be alert every moment. Especially when it comes to our cars, it is only obvious that we become extra concerned about it since we had already spent a fortune to buy the car. The car is considered as one of the valuable assets and people even have an emotional attachment to their riding partner. If you own a car, then it is better you get it insured too. Not only does it form a cover of protection in case your vehicle gets involved in an accident, but also helps you to recover the value of the lost car in case the vehicle gets stolen. Hence, if you have the proper car insurance papers, then you can heave a sigh of relief and confidently park your vehicle at any place.

Car Thefts Is On The Rise!

Another alarming fact is that car theft is on the rise in India. More and more cars are getting stolen as thieves find it easier to rush away with a parked car than looting a house or bank. In the year 2014, about twenty-two thousand car stolen cases were reported. Among these, only two thousand three hundred and twenty-two cars were recovered. The rest went missing forever. Thus, the statistics also point towards the necessity to get a car insurance.

Car Insurance Policy Acts As A Coverage Of Protection Over Theft!

A comprehensive car insurance policy also covers car theft among many others. It acts as a cover of protection for you, in case of accidents due to collisions. It also protects your car in case of damages or theft. You can also get coverage in case of natural disasters like earthquakes or floods. But, just because you are liable to get coverage doesn’t mean that you will automatically get coverage if any mishaps happen! You will have to file a claim to get the reimbursements. Also, the claim has to be made within a particular time period and it has to be complete enough to convince the insurance providers.

How To File The Claim?

Knowing the claim process is also vital while getting a car insurance. If your car gets stolen, stop getting stressed out, maintain your calm and follow the steps below without much delay. Here are the steps to make the claim:

  • FIR Comes First!

If you notice that your car is missing and searched all the possible places to ensure that it was indeed stolen, then the first step you have to make is to file an FIR. Don’t sit there fretting over the stolen car. The earliest you report the theft, the better! Head straight to the nearest police station and report your missing car. FIR is short for First Information Report. No insurance claim can be made without a proper FIR which has been filed on time as soon as you noticed the theft of the car.

  • Let Your Insurance Company Know!

After filing the FIR, the next step is to inform your insurance company without any delay. Answer all their queries in detail, and then they will start the proceedings for you to get the claim amount. The earliest you inform the insurer, the better.

  • Let The RTO Know!

Another vital department to be informed about the accident is the RTO (Road Transportation Office).  As per the Indian laws, the RTO has to be informed about any such incidents like theft of a vehicle. You will need to submit the transfer papers and documents from RTO along with other crucial documents needed to make the claim.

  • Collect The Documents!

Now that you have finished informing all the concerned authorities, next step is to collect all the relevant documents needed to forward the insurance claim. After getting all the documents, you can submit the insurance claim form along with the documents at the insurance company. The documentation requirements for different claims will also be different. In the case of theft of a car, the documents needed to make the claim are as follows:

  • FIR copy in original
  • Copies of all the policy documents.
  • Completely filled up and signed the claim form.
  • Your driving license copy
  • Original keys of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle’s RC book copy.
  • The transfer papers received from the RTO, duly signed and pinned up with the forms 28,29, 30,35.
  • No- Trace Reports

You will also need to get a no-trace report to make the insurance claim. The no-trace report proves that your car is missing and the police were unable to trace it. You can get the no-trace report from your local police station. The no-trace report can only be got after you complain about the missing vehicle. The police will have to search for the car and hence the report will be got only after a minimum of one month period. Hence, request for the no-trace report at the earliest. Your claim will not be accepted without the no-trace report.

When you inform about the missing vehicle, the insurance company will also assign a special investigating team to search for the vehicle. Cooperate with them and answer their queries in detail. If your vehicle was not recovered, then the insurance company will approve your claim provided you take care of all the above-listed points. The entire claim procedure can take up to three to four months. Wait patiently till the proceedings are finished. As far as you have followed the rules of claim procedure, there is nothing to be worried about.