Choose the Right Corporate Catering Services for your Company Event

A meal for an important event isn’t just a meal. It is an opportunity to forge new relationships and strengthen the existing ones. It’s like bringing important people together to break bread. During your company party, fundraises, business conferences, and other similar events, your business stakeholders and other attendees expect a praiseworthy experience. With so many details to consider, catering shouldn’t take the back seat. Here are tips to help you spot a reliable New York City gourmet corporate catering service provider. 

Responsiveness and express interest in your event catering needs 

The level of responsiveness professional caterers reveal during the initial conversations about your event needs indicates how they will perform during the service delivery process. Many corporate caterers boast in their best-tasting foods prepared with the freshest of all ingredients. However, if they don’t respond to your emails or return calls in time, you may need to reconsider your choice. 

In addition to preparing excellent meals, a reliable corporate caterer should be highly responsive to prospects’ concerns, comments, and critiques. They should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they can effectively meet your event catering needs. 

Enough resources to handle your event catering 

Not all event caterers are fully equipped to handle corporate events, and most of them will admit this openly. Probably they offer a broad range of catering services, but different catering companies are set up to handle different markets effectively than others. Therefore, it is up to you, the event planners, to ask the right questions to establish whether or not the catering company you intend to hire is fully equipped to handle your event catering needs. 

Some catering businesses shine with an elegance that may work well for a black-tie gala, others excel in barbeques that are excellent for corporate picnics, and other caterers shine with exceptional Latin-fusion for various themed events. So, focus on finding the right caterer who is fully equipped to handle that specific function, not just any caterer you previously met during a friend’s birthday party. 

Menu options 

Practically, every catering company has menus to choose from. Most of these companies offer some level of flexibility to adapt to their menus to customers’ specific requirements or customizing menus. A good corporate caterer should have various menu options and show the ability to customize them based on your event requirements without compromising the overall quality of their services. 


No company wants to be on the hook for an accident caused by a caterer. Opt for a catering company with liability insurance. This form of insurance cover protects the service provider and keeps your company from being held liable for accidents and having to handle any recourse if something goes wrong. 

Check the caterer’s reputation

You need to check up on the catering company you’re considering. It’s recommended to start checking online reviews written by the company’s previous customers. Check out sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and Wedding Wire. 

But you shouldn’t stop there. Try to track down some of the caterer’s past customers and reach out to them. Remember, people are often more forthcoming during private conversations regarding disappointments than they’re likely to be when writing an online review. 

Wrap up

How do you know that you chose the right caterer? An excellent corporate caterer will always be willing and able to expertly surprise and delight your guests through the provision of excellent meals and outstanding customer experience.