Call India With MyLine Calling Cards

Collect calls to India are made more affordable with MyLine. Start calling right away and never look back at what you used to pay. The savings are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Call India for as little as .011 cents a minute and you’ll get service you never dreamed of receiving. We are here for people who want to save money and not break their wallet in the process. Getting started is easy as well, just visit and check out the purchase options. You can purchase as little as 2$ worth for the .011 cent rate just to try us out. Don’t worry about us raising the rate either, we stay consistent for our customers because we value them as they are the heart and soul of our business.

Calling options that you will love come from Myline. Call India with Skype, our phone app, collect with a calling card to India, with MagicJack and more. The savings never end when you work with their calling company. This is because their rates are competitive and match the lowest calling rate but with higher quality. Get great customer service, calling quality, and service but for the lowest rate in town with Myline and never look back.

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Customer service is key to MyLine’s calling savings. Imagine calling India with a different calling company and discovering that when you have an issue you cannot get it solved so easily. You try to call and it doesn’t work, there is terrible customer service and when you try to fix the complex issue you are simply directed to a useless FAQ page. We understand the frustration which is why we use our get staff to assemble customer service teams that are ready to handle your calling issue in a flash.

Get started with calling India and call India with MyLine. We promise you won’t regret the savings you get from us. Just sign up and discover for yourself what you have been missing. Savings on calls from India in the US or back home are just a click away. We have representatives ready to help you and get you to where you need to be for call savings. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy what we have to offer you. Never before has a India calling card company been so committed to savings people money, get started today with MyLine.