Choose Your Chances For the Perfect P2P Investment

To secure investments, the pitch for each company includes a video, financial and market elements, details of the competitive environment and valuation and status parameters. These decision-making tools have enabled this grant to finance 35 companies for an amount of € 18 million since 2012. “We are very proud of this product. This increases our support for small businesses, ” said Matthias Seewald, member of the comex in charge of investments . After eight months, the volume invested by the insurer exceeds € 1.6 million. “The initial budget of € 10 million will not be enough” slips Matthias Seewald, who is also preparing another similar project to co-invest municipal energy transition projects with customers. Witrh the P2P review on the right choices are there.

Questioning of the credit monopoly: The Right Examples that Speak All

Recently, on April 26, CNP Assurances and Matmut also announced their acquisition of the capital of Lendix – a platform for lending to SMEs. In a partnership-only approach, Groupama Banque has been in agreement, since January 2015, with Unilend – the leading loan platform – to finance business projects. Amount of the allocated envelope: € 100 million until 2019. The town planner undertakes to lend to the SMEs and VSEs of his choice alongside the other lenders on the site, without exceeding 20% ​​of all operations.

“The digital revolution opens up new channels that challenge the credit monopoly. CFOs just need to post their last three operating accounts and balance sheets online. Lenders gauge the risk and SMEs get credit within 10 days. For Groupama Banque, it is the possibility of entering into contact with new players. But the gloomy economic environment is delaying our initial business plan since we only funded € 1 million in the first year compared to the € 5 million planned, ” says Bernard Pouy, CEO of Groupama Banque .

Different logics

In a similar vein, Gan Assurances has partnered with Lendopolis, another lending platform. The logic is however a notch more commercial, the insurer proposing to carry out an insurance balance sheet of companies looking for loans (whether or not underwriting of civil liability…) in order to enlighten lenders on the level of risk of their investment. If this balance is positive, the borrowing rate improves. “Since March, we have been promoting this partnership in the windows of our agencies, by highlighting entrepreneurs who have successfully raised funds on Lendopolis. Business leaders thus assess the quality of their risk management and their insurance coverage, and can turn to our general agents if points need to be improved, “said Dominique Brevet, commercial director of Gan Insurance. Finally, the American insurer CNA Hardy simply insures these new crowdfunding platforms. So when the question comes about how to use Mintos lending platform you will know the solutions.

RC Pro or RCMS mandatory

In fact, the regulations will require in July 2016 that crowdfunding players have a RC Pro or RCMS. However, the Participative Financing France association anticipated the reform and contracted an agreement with the broker CRF Assurances, which specializes in covering entrepreneurs and investors. The risk of this product called Assur’Crowdfunding is borne by CNA Hardy. “This is a step forward, because at the start of the activity, we only found insurance through AIG which was the insurer of our payment service provider” , says Nicolas Lesur, CEO and founder.