App Store Optimization Best Practises: Keyword Research

With the non stop development of technology, so many things have changed in our lives so far. We used to spend hours in libraries just for a piece of information we needed at that time. But now, everything is different, right? We can do anything on our mobile phones. On app stores, there are billions of applications, on which we can surf on the internet, play games, chat with our friends, look for recipes and so much more. Assuming from that you are reading this article, you are so likely to have an app, and if you have an app you are so likely to have heard ‘bout ASO before. Today, we are going to be talking about one of the best practises of App Store Optimization: Keyword research. Let’s start then!

What are app keywords?

Basically, app keywords are like identity of your app. Just like someone looks for you, call you, get information ‘bout you etc. by your name, users use keywords while searching for apps. So, in case you do your keyword researches properly, there is a very high possibility for users to find out ‘bout your app while doing searches.

What are the best practises for keyword researchs?

If you want to rank high, you need to implement these best practice on your keyword research strategy:

Research The Market

Researching the market is a great way to get some ideas ‘bout how to get correct app keywords. You should start with thinking of all the keywords your potential users could type while making a search on app stores. Defining your app’s category, functionality, and use will help you in this stage.

Spying on competitiors is an another helpful way to get yourself your correct keywords. Spy on them and get some insights ‘bout what keywords they use.

Analysis and Selection

Now that you got your keywords on your app, it’s time to analyse them, then select the useful ones. Check out their performances, rankings, difficulties. Then check out your competitors rankings. You should also be careful ‘bout where to put all these keywords. The strongest fields are the App Name, Subtitle, Keywords Field and Promotional text in iOS apps and Title, Short description and Description in Android apps.

Optimize Your Store Listing and Track Keywords

It’s time to optimize your store listing according to these keywords. Edit your on-metadata fields and don’t forget that the most important ones are App Name / Title, Subtitle or Short Description and Keywords Field so your main keywords should be located on these fields. After you optimize your store listings, now you need to track these keywords regulary to check if they’re effective enough.

As App Store Optimization is a continuos process, these implementations need to be repeated regularly for your app to keep up with the continuous trends.

Everything went perfect so far. But it’s not finished yet. You can click here to find out what makes perfect keyword researches ‘’perfect’’. ☺