5 factors to be considered while setting up a cold storage

Being a business owner you can understand the need of storage.  Storage is vital for any business whether it is small or large.  Paying heavy costs to the cold storage facilities does not sound good always; if you need regular or daily storage then setting up your own cold storage can work great in saving heavy costs or renting cold storage space.  Although setting up such storage is expensive but it has more advantages to offer to you. Below mentioned are some things that you need to consider when setting up your personal cold storage:

 Capacity of the storage –This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind. You need to make it clear in mind that in how much quantity you need to store items in one time. This will not only help you to determine the space of the storage room but also in finding out the racking needs.

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Types of products to be stored in it and their temperature specifications – After you have considered the capacity of the storage, now you need to confirm actually what products you require to store in this cold storage as every different product requires being stored in the environment with different temperature.

Optimizing energy efficiency – Energy is the vital part of cold storage facility. Ignoring one no one can dream to own efficient cold storage.  To care for the temperature specification of the product you need to install appropriate insulation system in the facility.

Storage system – When it comes to storage system, there are different types of storage system including Pallet racking, shelving, multi-tier shelving, single position racks, automatic small part storage and more.  You need to choose the storage system that suits best for your needs.

Other factors – Moreover, there are many more factors like lighting, flooring and air flow, item picking and retrieving equipments and more that should also be taken into consideration.