Which Type of Lawyer Do You Need?

Whether watching Elle Woods or Harvey Spector, television and movies love to feature lawyers strutting their stuff. It seems like with a snap of the fingers, you can go to law school and become a high-powered legal expert with unlimited knowledge of every possible case study and court decision. In reality, most lawyers are specialized and only have passed the bar in their own state so are not licensed to practice across the country. But if you ever need a lawyer, do you know who you need to call when you are in need?


A divorce attorney will assist you in the separation of a marriage that hasn’t ended amicably or has large assets to divide. If you and your former spouse are not on good terms, you will likely need one.

Personal Injury

You may need a Tampa injury attorney if you have been in an accident where it is not clear who is at fault. This may also be the case if you have suffered from severe or long-term damage from an accident.

Real Estate

Should you be buying or selling a home, you may find yourself using a real estate attorney. This is especially true if there are complications or negotiations regarding the state of the property.


When applying for permanent residency or a green card, or even dealing with complications for work and student visas, you may need the assistance of an immigration attorney to navigate the legal process.

Estate Planning

Deciding how you want your assets to be divided after your death and other questions of wills and trusts often require the expertise of an estate planning lawyer. Especially if you have significant investments or property, this type of lawyer may be useful.

Intellectual Property

If you have created something that needs copyright or a trademark, you may want to work with a lawyer versed in IP to keep your credit, patent, or income. This type of attorney can also represent you in patent court.

There are many facets of law and just as many kinds of lawyers. It is important to do your research to find out which kind of attorney is well-versed in your dilemma to know who can explain what to expect and how to move forward. Very little is straight forward, and knowing that you have someone you can trust working in your best interest can be a huge relief.