What to do if Your Child Has Been injured in a School Bus Accident  in California

When  your child has an accident on the school bus in California, you may not know what to do. School buses are safe but accidents happen. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, every year school bus accidents injure and kill children around the country. It’s important to be prepared, when a school bus accident happens. It is a traumatic event for parents and caregivers.  Here are some tips on what to do.

Document The Accident and The Injuries

Talk with your child, to see what happened during the accident. Try to get names, dates, and location of the accident. Where was your child sitting and what were their injuries. Seek medical attention and take photos of the injuries after the accident. This can help if you have to go to court. Document the medical treatment and recovery process. Dates, photos, doctors and medical records will help the school bus accident lawyer with your case.

Investigate and Contact Your Car Insurance Company First

Try to find what arrangements,  the school system uses. Do they own the buses or do they use a transportation company?  Try to get documentation of the accident videos and paperwork. A school bus accident lawyer assists with legal advocacy. Many consumers do not know that they can receive compensation from their insurance company. Many companies will let you file a claim to receive no-fault benefits for medical costs and other expenses.

Liability and School Bus Accidents

A school bus accident may be caused by a faulty part, the negligence of the school bus driver,  hazardous driving conditions, or another driver. When seeking compensation for injuries, the driver of the bus and the company may be liable, the school district, or even the manufacturer of the bus. The laws are complex and hiring a school bus accident lawyer helps navigate through the maze.

School Districts, Bus Drivers and the Company, Manufacturers and Other Drivers

Many school districts own and operate the  buses that transport your child to school. They might be liable when the equipment is faulty or the driver responsible. School districts are  government operations and seeking compensation is a complicated process. The victim and lawyer must notify the Attorney General and the case must be reviewed before it can proceed to court.

A bus accident caused by a defective part by the manufacturer is another complex case. Your lawyer  will have to file a product liability lawsuit against the bus manufacturer. The attorney will have to show that the defective part caused the accident.  When another driver causes the bus accident, this is an easier case to win. Their insurance will be responsible for injuries.

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