For beginners who are new to the trading market, welcome bonus serves as kind of a jump start for your career, therefore it’s very important that you could choose for yourself a broker with attractive welcome bonus programs. In this article today, I’ll be giving some of my thoughts on the matter as well as my detailed experiences and reviews of some of the best forex brokers in the world that I consider to have superior welcome programs.

Judge the best welcome bonus brokers by some criteria

Some elements of the best welcome bonus givers are not easy to acknowledge. It takes time and experience to learn and do the research. After many years of trading I discover three features of the best welcome bonus brokers as follow:

High quantity of bonus number

At the moment, XM, FXTM or FBS are the three brokers that have the welcome bonus sounds interesting. The fist and the second have the program with the number for welcome bonus that is 30$. The third mentioned is the biggest one with the number that is 123$

The reputable brokers

It is true that the credibility of the brokers is even more crucial than the bonus programs. It is great if the brokers have the bonuses but when you get trouble with trading systems like payment or cost you can even lose more and get tricked.

The conditions for withdrawal

It is a commonly known fact that the bonus money can be taken easily. Usually, brokers will offer the profit instead of the bonus amount. It can be a little tricky when brokers make it difficult for traders to have the profit with their different forms of requirements

The requirement of XM for withdrawal is that you will finish 0.1 lot, while FXTM asks traders to have done 1 lot and among them, FBS has the hugest number for welcome bonus, with 123$, but they require more lots done to have the bonus as well. For instance, traders will win 3$ for each lot but if they win 60$ then they have to wait until the lots go up to 20 lots traded to have entire number above.

Welcome bonuses are not the only type

There are various kinds of clients according to their phase of trading. Brokers know this well and they have their strategies for different bonus systems. So, they also have back lot bonuses and deposit bonuses beside welcome bonuses.

Forex Deposit bonus 2019 are good for the accounts with great number of deposit because brokers will count the number of deposit to award you with deposit bonuses. Your deposit is huge then you bonus is great too. This is totally wise method of brokers to have traders invest more and more into the account.

– Lot back bonuses are the rebating act of brokers for the account that have finished trading lots. That means brokers check the time of transaction or the type of currency transferred to rebate an amount on the trading cost for traders. Because of its saving meaning, traders prefer this bonus program most. For instance, XM is now giving the value of 0.3 pips for rebating when traders transact the EUR/USD, which means 3$ will be subtracted from the spread fee. Then instead of paying 14$, traders just need to pay $11.

Best brokers on each type of bonuses

Brokers can offer different kinds of bonuses and each of will be strong on different fields. As below, I list all the best brokers that are having perfect strategies on bonus programs

– XM has strength on deposit bonuses with 100% of the deposit and they also give away 30$ for welcome bonus.

– FBS is with 50$ for welcome bonuses and the number can reach 123$

Exness reviews: Rebate bonus: from 2$ to 16$

Should bonus program be the priority?

Definitely, it should not be because traders invest money into trading will have more matters to be aware than just the bonuses. Like I just mentioned before, the t of the brokers should be put first. Because of with reliable brokers trade will be guaranteed with safe trading condition, then they can consider about the bonuses. In addition, bonuses can be good but can be trouble also because traders barely get the bonuses directly they have to meet some conditions about trading lots required that can make them pay even more than just the bonus amount.

Cheat bonus money with some tricks

 Some wise traders find out the ways to gain back some amount of the bonuses basing on the withdrawal conditions themselves. So two tricks below are something connected to opening many account and making 50% winning accounts.

– Base on the welcome bonuses, open many accounts then make one account with winning rate about 50% by hedging one losing and one winning account together. This way is easier if the brokers are easy on the condition to withdraw so you can have your profit without a lot troubles.

– Traders can take advantages of the high leverage brokers to make huge deposit and gain bonuses from that. They also need a lot of accounts and make one account with 50% of winning.

Top 3 best brokers for welcome bonuses

From all my researches and studying and basing on the features of the best welcome bonus brokers, to make it quicker for traders to review and decide on the most suitable brokers, here I provide top three best brokers for welcome bonuses:

  • XM
  • FBS
  • FXTM

Especially, XM is considered to be the most favorite one because apart from tempting welcome bonuses they also provide the deposit bonuses with 100% from the deposit amount.

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