The role of Sales and Marketing segment in business by Rick Fleshman

The core of the business success is based on the marketing. In fact a large number of aspects of the business depend on successful marketing. Marketing is a broad term and sales is an essential part of it. The sales and marketing team has a significant influence on the success of the business. In absence of sales or marketing a company may not be able to achieve the targeted growth and may even experience loss. For instance, without marketing, the business may offer the best services or products in the industry, but none of the potential customers would know about it. It can be said that without marketing, sales may collapse and companies may have to shut down.

Rick Fleshman points out the worth of sales and marketing in a business

Marketing includes promotions, advertising, sales and public relations. The functions of marketing also include pricing, research and development, customer service, distribution, sales and communications. In its simplest form, a sales department advises the marketing department in regards to the customers and to focus on customer contact to improve sales.

Rick Fleshman is the CEO of iAM Marketing and Ormeus Global and is an educated leader and a U.S. Army expert with numerous years of international experience. Being the head of an exceptionally skilled team, Rick makes it a point to include sound management practices. To keep with the necessities in the marketing industry, he uses social media to link with others and to learn the present trends.

Rick explains the responsibility of sales and marketing in a business:

  • The sales and marketing segment within the business sets individual sales representative shares, in addition to the overall volume objective for the company. To accomplish sales goals, it makes commissions’ structures and bonus. The segment utilizes past sales figures and expert projections to guess which products will sell where and in what amounts.
  • In order to maintain the customer base, sales and marketing segment takes responsibility for making sure buyers are pleased. The segment is hands-on in contacting customers with special offers and surveys and is imprudent in trying to solve any troubles that may cause the company to lose customers.
  • A sales and marketing department has the liability for determining where the company should sell and what its costs should be. This includes selecting which mediators the company will use, such as distributors, retailers or wholesalers. This requires the segment to research where the company’s opponents are selling and where its consumers say they want to buy.

All these explain that the sales and marketing plays a significant role when it comes to the success of the business.

Rick Fleshman today enjoys the hectic schedule of being a CEO of a flourishing company. When he is not busy with his work, especially during the leisure times he loves watching baseball, spending time with near and dear ones, and loves to enjoy delicious food. He is certainly an inspiration for all those who want to become successful entrepreneurs.