Bonus in the forex trading is no longer new to all traders, even beginners who have less experience. We understand the fact that bonus is not favorite of forex experts, it seems to be a small amount compared to their large balance. Therefore, new traders are the target of forex brokers on the whole. Among hundreds of bonuses, traders must be well-aware of which are the best forex bonuses for them to get.


First of all, new traders have to be clear about what the forex bonus is. Basically, it is not different from bonuses of many other online portals such as game shows, gambling websites, etc. and free of charge, absolutely. Interesting features of the forex bonus are involved in its awards, operation method, and conditions.

Normally, brokers provide the winner with money, but via forex account not on cash I have to say so that traders have no way except continuing their transactions with brokers if they want to withdraw their bonuses. It is the strategy to attract customers of forex brokers; however, it is still very amazing for beginners to exercise and improve level. The typical point of forex bonus is terms and conditions between winners and brokers, and brokers will never want to take disadvantages, definitely. For example, winners need to trade with host brokers until reaching requirements in order to withdraw their bonus. Sometimes, their bonus is run out, they have to add more if they want to go on or quit with nothing. Thus, all traders who want to participate and get the prize are warned to read all regulations carefully as well as investigate brokers elaborately so that they can choose the best forex brokers 2019 to avoid unnecessary matters, then. There are some brokers with good bonus traders can consider such as Exness, FBS, XM, etc.


And now we will check types of bonus out. Basically, forex brokers provide two kinds of bonus, including deposit bonus and welcome bonus. Deposit bonus requires some charges as the initial investment while welcome bonus is free.

Deposit bonus – As I have reviewed above, this type asks traders the initial amount to access their reward. Normally, rewards are credit, promotional gift, or even cash. Deposit bonus is usually considered by traders who want to trade with brokers for a long period, it might be not the best option for new traders because they have not had much experience in this field yet, they could face some visible risks. There is another important point that traders should keep in their mind: the bonus is not all the whole initial deposit amount, it is a percentage of this only. It means that traders cannot withdraw the whole bonus, and the percentage depends on the trading platform of brokers.

Welcome bonus – This bonus seems to be the best one for beginners because it has no charges and they can open accounts with more than one broker. Normally, there is no attachment along with welcome bonuses, traders’ account will be added bonus once they open an account as the first investment.

In my opinion, the 4 best forex bonuses are:

– Best welcome bonus: 30$ welcome bonus of XM

– Best welcome bonus: 50$ welcome bonus of FBS

– Best deposit bonus: 100% deposit bonus of XM

– Bonus Exness reviews: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot of Exness