Simple and Specific Guidance for Starting An Employment Agency in Singapore

An employment agency is a company that helps individuals and other organizations with their hiring and recruitment requirements in the employment market. It is the job of an employment agency to act as a mediator between the employer and the potential employee. It’s not uncommon for an employment agency to be responsible with placing both local and foreign job seekers in jobs ranging from entry-level entry to management or executive-level positions. For Starting An Employment Agency in Singapore look for the best details here.

Many foreign nationals, from middle managers and executives to manual laborers, have worked in Singapore for decades. As a consequence, there are currently several placement agencies of various sizes as well as significant headhunting firms in Singapore that help businesses there with the recruitment and management of their personnel needs.

Prior to starting a business in Singapore, every employment agency would need to get an Employment Agency License (EAL). As a prerequisite for all recruitment agencies in Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower administers this license (MOM). Employment agency licenses are often referred to as the following in different countries:

  • A licenseis required for a staffing firm
  • Acquiring an agency’s license
  • Worker’s compensation insurance

For a manpower agency to operate legally

With the help of this article, you will learn how to launch an employment agency and gain the necessary licenses for success. You do not need an employment agency license if you want to hire employees directly from your company.

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To run an employment agency, one would need a license, but who would need one?

A Singapore Employment Agency License is a legal necessity for any organisation or individual involved in the employment agency business in the city-state. Singapore-based agencies are subject to this limitation, regardless of the sort of work they provide – whether they are situated here or abroad. This restriction applies regardless of the location of the agency. Some of the duties of an employment agency include:

  • Collecting the CVs of all potential job seekers who could be interested in working with the company
  • Submission of applications for Singapore Work Visas by firms or job candidates to the relevant authorities.
  • The facilitation of contact between employers and job seekers in order to assist them in locating qualified individuals

Employment agencies who do not actively place candidates with employers or who do not have a significant effect on the negotiation of employment terms and conditions are exempt from this rule. An Employment Agency License is not required for any of these organizations. The following are some examples of entities of this type:

An employment agency may opt to apply for a Comprehensive License or a Select License, based on the sorts of profiles they handle. The Select License is open to employee placement agencies that place local or foreign applicants who earn a monthly salary of at least S$4,500. All other types of employment agencies, such as temporary staffing firms, fall within the purview of the Comprehensive License.

There are certain individuals or organizations who provide job recommendations on an as-needed or casual basis.

Organizations or companies that link tutors and students

There are additional job boards and online employment sites.Courier services are employed in recruitment and job placement activities.