Saving Time and Money with Paperless Invoicing

Processing the paper invoices is an age-old process which does not fit to the modern business framing. As time is money, if you are wasting time by the lengthy procedure of generating the paper invoices, you are actually wasting the money. But if you thin calmly, you will realize that you are also wasting money on purchasing the print papers, and the printer costs. For the traditional paper invoice generation, you need to buy the ink cartridges for the printers, envelopes, paper, and also make payments for the mailing.

Saving material costs

Are you forgetting the storage problem of all the bunches of invoices? You need to allot physical space for the paper storage. Buying the storage materials like the binders, locking cabinets, folder, etc. , will add up to the cost. The final bill will be hefty and might need investing as much as $13  for processing a single paper-based payment. With paperless invoicing through apps like, you can improve the cash flow of the business too. You can save the expenses for printer maintenance and repair. The paperless process will speed up the payment received which will help to grow your business faster.

Saving the trees

Being a bit of environment- friendly will do good for the future generation. And that’s what precisely the Bookipi Invoice will do for you. On an average, your office work involves usage of about 10,000 sheets every year. If you digitalize the entire work, then so much wastage of paper will not happen annually. So the ultimate impact will be a reduction of environmental wastage. Thus if you choose to retire from the age-old tradition of paper invoicing, you are making a small contribution in making the world a better place by saving the greenery. Save time, money, energy, and green life with paperless invoicing.