SaaS guide: Driving customer engagement with explainer videos

Explainer Videos 101: Why and How to Create Explainer Videos


With the attention span of potential leads getting shorter, the previously used text-only advertising approach has yet to work under a SaaS marketing strategy. Explainer videos help in brand discovery and engaging attention for customer acquisition.

Their advantage is that they work on different types of devices and multiple platforms and help not just explain the benefits of your SaaS but also establish the brand’s image and authority under a growth hacking agency.


By improving their complete sales process from awareness to retention, we assist organizations in generating more inbound sales from their current audience.

SaaS explainer video

Critical in increasing awareness and product sign-ups and converting users to loyal customers, these videos grab the potential lead’s attention and keep a customer going under a SaaS marketing agency.

A good explainer video is one of the essential pieces in your SaaS marketing kit as it not just successfully gives the potential user a tour of the SaaS and, in many cases, the UI.

In later stages, the explainer video also demonstrates upgrades on the product, how to use previously launched products, or even answers frequently experienced problems, thereby severely shrinking the churn rate under a growth hacking agency.

Benefits of explainer videos for SaaS:

  • It grabs the attention of the audience.
  • It Helps in easy explanation of intricate details of the SaaS.
  • Establishes and nurtures the customer-brand relationship.
  • It Boosts the conversion rate.
  • It resonates with leads using different devices under a SaaS marketing agency.
  • It has a significant chance of going viral and putting SaaS on the map.

Driving customer engagement with explainer videos:

Videos on website

Putting an explainer video on the website significantly decreases the bounce rate of a potential lead. It eliminates any challenges the viewer’s mind has in grasping the web page’s content on your site under a SaaS marketing agency.

Video quickly explains the SaaS in an uncomplex manner and highlights the benefits it will provide. It nudges the viewers to make a quick and informed decision to try out the SaaS under a growth hacking agency.

Videos on social networks

With most of the population constantly on social media networks putting up an explainer on these platforms is the best bet for your SaaS under a SaaS marketing agency.

Channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linked, etc. help in the voluminous growth of the brand as it puts the SaaS right in front of potential customers, helping generate awareness and think conversions under a growth hacking agency.

Videos in emails and newsletters

Every brand faces the challenge of immediately converting a potential that stumbles upon its product. Companies that take details of interested leads can later leverage this knowledge by reminding these leads of their SaaS by sending scheduled emails and newsletters to them under a SaaS marketing agency.

While reading a text-only email can be tedious, attaching explainer videos to newsletters and emails exponentially increase the open email rate under a growth hacking agency.

It has been seen that videos increase the CTR of emails and help in interacting and communicating with potential customers and assisting in acquiring them.

Videos on landing pages

Explainer videos on landing pages help reduce a potential customer’s decision-making time. As the viewer watches in the video how the SaaS will solve their problems that too being explained in an engaging, visual manner, their urgency to act on the CTA of the video and immediately sign up for trial increases resulting in conversion.

Videos in client testimonials

Nothing establishes credibility like social proof highlighting the positive feedback of a SaaS, and clippings of the working of the product in between are even cleverer under a SaaS marketing agency.

Testimonials and case studies help establish a human connection with potential leads and provoke trust in the brand under a growth hacking agency.

Including small sections of explainer videos to explain the features and benefits of the UI in between testimonials containing people talking about your SaaS can help define your product  better while also providing transparency and authenticity.

Videos in FAQ

The best strategy to achieve customer success is demonstrating that you care about their questions and doubts. Addressing customer problems helps create satisfaction helps in creating happiness and therefore invokes loyalty for your brand under a SaaS marketing agency.

Explainer videos effectively help in supporting customers, making them aware of the features of a SaaS, and empowering them with knowledge of the UI and its benefits, thereby strengthening the customer base and its relationship with the brand.

Videos in paid ads

The most efficient and trending way of increasing awareness and poking leads to consideration and eventual conversion are paid ads under a SaaS marketing agency.

Informative and engaging explainer videos have proven to be a successful strategy in attracting customers and displaying the benefits of the SaaS directly in front of them as if on a platter under a growth hacking agency.


Explainer videos help skyrocket conversion rates and improve your brand’s ranking on Google’s search results. They are easily shareable, have a high ROI, and help you make the perfect pitch for SaaS every time under a SaaS marketing agency.

Explainer videos give SaaS companies a chance to control the narrative of how their product is understood and perceived under a growth hacking agency.