Research for the best forex bonus brokers

It is true that forex bonuses are cared much by traders. Some traders hesitate to join in a broker, and it is the bonus that makes them make their step into the brokers because bonus forex 2019 can be made profit from. And to understand which profit can be bloomed, traders must understand their functions.

How they classify the bonuses

There are a lot of terms around bonuses that traders need to know. However, the very first thing is the definition of the bonuses. Bonuses are popularly known as promotion strategies to raise the number of clients for brokers. And bonuses have it own advantages that traders are received not giving. However, to have any kinds of bonuses, traders are required to open accounts with brokers, and sometimes they also have to meet a numbers of executions too. In general, bonuses are designed in many forms and it is dependent on the accounts and stages of traders to receive certain kinds of bonuses.

There are three main sorts of bonuses:

Welcome bonus

You may realize this bonus as no deposit bonus and original deposit bonus with some brokers. Welcome bonus is given for traders who make a first account with brokers. The action opening the new account with brokers will be given an amount of money as the welcome bonus and then, traders can use that amount to trade. As this time of trading, traders face less risks than any other kinds because traders are desire to seduce more clients not to scare them away. As a result, beginners are more suitable for this best welcome bonus forex than other types of traders.

Deposit program

Unlike welcome program, this bonus is given more regularly for traders who invest in deposit. Therefore, there is no difference for first deposit or second deposit, because of that some traders are afraid that they can not gain the bonus due to that they are the first account opener. After making the deposit, traders are calculated their bonus by percentage. For example, brokers offer the rate of 50%; then, brokers will give back to traders 50% of the deposit amount. Traders invest 100$ and get 50$ back. At the total number, they have 150$ in their account.

Lot back program

This bonus is counted basing on the number of the trading lots that traders make. The more lots they have the more chance they win the bonuses. It is clear that if the traders make more trading lots to win the bonus, they become more experienced traders. The purpose of this bonus is also to keep clients stay longer with their trading sites. As a result, Lot back program is for old traders who have high level of loyalty with the brokers.

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Best ways to find out the best forex bonuses

When traders need information about the best bonuses, they have to search for the wide range of sources so it is so broad to know, and traders do not want to lose too much time on searching. Through a lot of study and review, here I give you the quick way to access the trusted review to decide on the suitable bonuses for them.