Latest Trends in Digital Marketing

The world of marketing has been revolutionized to the extent that nothing has remained same as before. Everything continues to develop and evolve into a completely unidentifiable era.

Online marketing has taken the place of offline marketing. In the technology savvy world, everybody is taking their business online and making it digital.

And, why not? With the introduction of digital marketing, businesses have acquired its existence globally with less boundaries to visibility and interaction.

Along with each passing year, digital marketing trends, too, keep on revamping itself. It isn’t like if something that worked out this year will do the same the next year too.

Therefore, in this piece of article we will know the latest trends in digital marketing that one must use for their business.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence

With the introduction of AI, artificial intelligence, the world has experienced the drastic change in the field of marketing, banking, hospitals and intelligence, transportation, in education and learning and in business too.

Since the internet came into existence, the biggest revolution of AI has been experienced by non-other but the digital marketing. Most of the human efforts have been replaced by AI.

In the upcoming years, AI will take the place of most of the human workers, not completely but for sure. Especially the works that are time consuming and most logical based work. This way marketers can free up some quality time to think creatively and ensure that AI efforts are oriented with strategic goals.

  1. Augmented Reality

Our mobile devices are becoming more powerful and social apps are better at integrating with AR. Therefore, nowadays brands are also looking forward to use AR to engage with customers better.  For example- brands could trigger sponsored AR content using your location which can be spotted only at that time and at that spot.

‘Pokemon Go’ was the very first to explore the idea. Later, Facebook and Instagram are thought to integrate this tech into their platforms as well.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is considered one of the cheapest form of marketing and advertising. It is the most powerful way to acquire traffic and the quality audience. Also, social media marketing helps in improving one’s search engine rankings and the conversion rates. To ensure your social media is getting you quality lead and the quality audience you must ensure that you have chosen the correct social media channel.

For example- LinkedIn is considered one of the best channel for B2B marketers as it gets you the kind of lead you want and gets you connected with the people and the network of your field and profession. From CEO to all the levels of manager are present on LinkedIn. One can follow and connect with, according to their needs and choice.

  1. Email Marketing

With no print or postage cost, email marketing also falls in the category of cheapest form of marketing. It doesn’t cost you at advertising, exchange for exposure on a certain billboard, magazine or television channel.

In business, email is the most preferred channel for communication and interaction. Generally, emails are sent only to those who have signed up ad subscribed to get information and updates from particular channel or website. So, these are also considered as the least interruptive form of communication. This means that you send emails only to engaged audiences.

  1. Content Marketing

“Content is King”. You all know that and are fed up of hearing the same again and again. But this is the only truth. The more content you produce, the more you benefit yourself. But producing content just for the sake of content isn’t enough. Content produced should be of quality. It must contain the required information so that it can educate your customer and can build trust with your target audience. A good content helps one to build credibility and authority.

After getting published, a good content can drive a huge traffic to the website and hence will generate a better revenue.

  1. SEO

Believe me, when you are into digital marketing you need SEO. Obviously, to grow your online presence and your website’s ranking in the search engine, SEO is a must-required process to be executed. A good SEO strategy is able to show you where you actually stand and show you a strategic approach towards improving your website.

Whatever marketing process we employ, ultimately, the goal is to produce higher revenue for the company by progressing b2b sales leads through the funnel. This is a process where every stage must be analysed and scrutinised.