How To Get Utility Connections Like Electricity In Bihar?

Bihar is one of the most fast advancing states of India today. They have come a long way since those days when they used coal, kerosene and other things to get light in their homes. Even they have come to acquire all the modern amenities of life today with electricity becoming easily available to them.

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What Are The Utility Connections

All the essential connections that one needs to get for running a home smoothly are called utility connections. Among all the utility connections the list includes:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Sewerage
  • Telecommunication

Today all these utility connections can be very easily got by applying for them online. The payments also need not be made in person. For that Airtel Payments is there and they help you without you having to budge an inch from your place. Even the NBPDCL bill payment is facilitated through that website.

How To Obtain Electricity Connection In Bihar

To obtain an electricity connection in Bihar, a person needs to apply to the respective electricity board in the area where that person lives. One board in Bihar is state-run while the other two boards in business are government-run institutions. Just as their new connection systems are very smooth so also their electricity bill payment system is smooth.

Methods Of Applying For Electricity

As many people are still wary of online applications, the Bihar electricity board still has not done away with the in-person application system. People can still visit the designated offices and can apply by submitting a written application and filling the form. In the same way, they can make the Bihar electricity bill payment in person.

But yet many people are comfortable with making North Bihar electricity bill payments online. They can do it in that method also. The online applications can all be done via the Airtel Payments Bank. There is no cause for concern while making new connections or making payments nowadays.

Documents Required

The necessary documents are:

  • Application form
  • Ownership proof
  • Bond of indemnity
  • Certificate of no objection
  • Permanent residential address proof
  • Clearance from the Pollution Control Board
  • Electrical installation self-certification
  • Deposition of Earnest Money
  • Occupation proof or proof of ownership
  • Correct wattage requirement
  • NOC from local authorities
  • Land papers
  • Aadhar Card
  • Photograph of applicant
  • The contact number of the applicant
  • Consent where necessary
  • Permission of the owner where the line has to run through some other property

Now a person is ready to receive the new connection that he has applied for. So also he becomes eligible to make Bihar electricity bill payment.

A person becomes eligible to get a connection when they are the owners of a certain property. Even if he is not the owner he still gets a connection if he can get the permission of the owner of the premises. Again if the owner is not ready to permit, if the applicant gives proof of his occupation, gives indemnity bond a pays a hefty security bond. Electricity bill payments are also easy with Airtel Payments Bank.