How Can You Resume Business During Phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker

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Phase 2 of the circuit breaker has already started, and companies are opening one after another. However, with safety still being a concern, businesses need to adhere to some rules before, and during the time they conduct their activities. These are the things you need to know as a business person looking forward to continuing operations after the circuit breaker:

You Need to Apply for Resumption of Business

Some businesses have less risk of the transmission of Coronavirus, while in others, social distancing is not possible, which increases the spread of the disease. For separating the former from the latter, the government has asked companies to apply for Resumption of Business Singapore

You need to login with your CorpPass and answer the questions which will help authorities decide if your business activities are safe.

Safety Measures for Doing Business During Circuit Breaker

The Coronavirus is still not over, so companies need to make their workplaces safe for doing business after circuit breaker.

The MOH and MOM have jointly released safety guidelines for companies to keep their workers safe. The rules are as follows:

Every Company should hire a Safety Management Officer (SMO). The SMO ensures the correct implementation of other guidelines by the office and its workers.

  • Work from Home and Virtual Meetings should be carried out whenever possible.
  • Masks are compulsory for workers.
  • The employees should maintain social distancing during work.
  • Special care should be given to the most vulnerable employees.
  • Staggered work hours to ensure that a minimal number of people are the office at a time. 
  • Every activity that requires close human contact should be cancelled.
  • If employees need to visit the office, the schedule should be made such that they don’t need to travel during peak hours.
  • Offices in Singapore also need to install the SafeEntry Management Visitor system. It is a check-in, check-out system that keeps records of everyone entering the premises and traces physical contact.

There are other requirements as well, like making soaps and sanitizers available, maintaining cleanliness in the workplace, etc.