Crowdfunding for Treating Alcoholism in India

by admin | August 2, 2018 12:51 pm

India is a country with approximately 62.5 million people who drink alcohol at least occasionally. There has been an unprecedented rise in alcohol consumption in the last 3 decades. Alcohol consumption within limits should not be subject to moral judgment, though different governments deal with the issue differently. For example, it was banned in Bihar just a few months back, and it has long been so in Gujarat. Different regions and different communities in India perceive alcohol differently. Market wise, India is potentially the third largest market of alcohol consumers in the world, which is why so many international brands are keen on joining in.

What makes alcohol a potential threat today is India’s poverty coupled with the near absence of public infrastructure for social and mental support.  While this also makes alcoholism often a taboo issue for many, talking about it on the crowdfunding sites in India[1] would also ensure better awareness.

Here are a few ways in which alcoholism operates:

Where do the crowdfunding websites in India[2] come in while dealing with alcoholism?

Alcoholism is damaging in every way. Not only does alcohol consumption often mean financial ruin for a large number of people, it also affects their ability to fulfil any social role, including working anymore for a living. Acknowledging alcoholism is closely related to guilt and blame. But what should be made very prominent in the crowdfunding websites is the acknowledgement of the victim’s role, their possible causes for sinking into alcoholism, and most importantly, their desire to get better and make lives around them better.

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