Are Inpatient Programs Mandatory for Heroin Addiction Recovery?  

Heroin addiction is a devastating condition that is life-threatening if untreated. Its addicts suffer lifetime consequences such as diseases, depression and other health problems. Treating this malady is most effective if begun at the early stages of the addiction. The standard treatment plans in New Jersey is the inpatient treatment program. They are also heroin outpatient treatment NJ programs.

In-patient treatment program

Those who are hooked on heroin usually require some time from work, home, and other high-risk environments so that they can efficiently abstain from the substance. The period is always spent in inpatient heroin rehab centers. The center is recommended for those who have a strong physical dependence on the drug. In most cases, this class of people has tried to break away from the habit in the past.

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Inpatient treatments involve several approaches. The common ones include pharmaceutical therapy or the use of contemporary drugs, behavioral therapy, detoxification, and counseling. Several techniques are used to enhance the effectiveness of the inpatient program.

Outpatient treatment programs

Those who have completed inpatient treatment programs are placed on an outpatient plan for a specific period. It is a less restrictive phase of heroin addiction treatment. It mainly involves group counseling and teaching of life skills that will help the person cope with the challenges of life. The rehab facility still offers support services and monitors how the person is copping.

The other category of people who can opt for outpatient heroin treatment NJ programs is for those who are in the early stages of addiction. They can efficiently manage their habits and therefore must not be placed under a restricted intensive care facility. All those who participate in outpatient treatment programs are free to go to work or school and continue living a healthy life.

Pros and cons of inpatient treatment program


  • It is a highly intensive care program undertaken in a highly controlled environment. This ensures that recovering addicts have no access to the drug
  • Involves round the clock monitoring of the patients


  • Short-termed: Inpatient heroin treatment programs can take from one month to three months. This duration may not be long enough to handle all the causes of addiction and its effects.
  • Cost: It is no secret that the treatment of severe heroin addiction is an expensive process. It is mainly due to the round the clock medical care offered in these facilities.

Outpatient heroin addiction treatment programs make up for the limitations of the inpatient. However, this is not a worthy reason to choose it over inpatient. Severe addicts are required to begin with the former if they are to have any hope of recovery. The only people who can opt for outpatient heroin treatment NJ are those who have completed the inpatient program or mild addicts.