5 Critical Maintenance Tips for Home Air Conditioners  

An air conditioner is a crucial appliance in any home for regulating the temperature. But before you can enjoy the refreshing blast, you need to learn that a/c requires proper maintenance. Neglecting maintenance means you’ll have to deal with high energy consumption, breakdowns, and costly unplanned expenses on ac repair San Antonio.

If you want to ensure that it functions optimally while keeping the energy consumption low, air conditioner maintenance has to be part of the equation. We discuss five tips for proper maintenance of your air conditioner;

Clean or Replace Air Filter

One of the primary air conditioner maintenance tasks is replacing the air filter routinely or cleaning it if it’s reusable. If the air filters get clogged with dust and debris, normal airflow gets obscured significantly reducing the efficiency of the entire system.

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The best practice when it comes to cleaning air filters is once a month during high usage winter and summer months and only once during the months of spring and summer.

Routine Clean the Coils

If you keep your air filters clean, you can be sure the evaporator and condenser coils will stay clean for longer. But with time, the coils will collect dust and will need cleaning, too. The dirt on coil not only prevents proper air flow but also insulates it. That prevents the coil from absorbing heat. Check the coils at least once a year.

Check the Wiring & Components

To avoid electric shock and damage to your unit, turn off the switch that supplies the unit. Remove the access panel and inspect for any signs of overheating. Burning signs include melted wire insulations and charred/blackened wires.

Confirm that the electric connections are tight. Also, check the capacitors and the contact switch. If there’s any problem, fix it if you’re handy or call a professional for ac repair San Antonio.

Straighten the Coil Fins

The condenser and evaporate coils feature aluminum fins that can get bent easily. When they do, airflow through the coils gets limited. Check out your local air conditioner dealer for a comb you can use to reposition the fins to their original state for efficient airflow. If you’re uncomfortable handling the fins of the coil yourself, be sure to engage a professional in San Antonio.

Examine & Adjust the Thermostat

The thermostat is the component that ensures the air conditioner keeps your home at the right temperature. Check that it’s functioning correctly and adjust if necessary. Consider upgrading to a newer programmable model of thermostat if your ac still uses the older one.

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