What are the key highlights of National education policy 2021? 

National Education policy 2021 is a key highlight of the national level. It is the first-ever education policy of Bangladesh; it was published on 22 January 2019 by the Ministry of Education. The National education policy 2021 consists of 31 chapters and 152 clauses that aim to develop a modern education system in Bangladesh. The following are the main highlights for National education policy 2021: Greater focus on online teacher training, Ensuring shorter duration of teachers’ training and greater employability, Creating a common objective of securing 100% pass percentage at the high school level so that all students would be able to pursue higher education, Safeguarding legal rights of the teachers, Greater emphasis on vocational courses.

Assessment measures the extent to which knowledge is used. Here’s where you’ll find the highlights of National education policy 2021. This guide covers a brief history of education, basic features of National education policy 2021, focus on improving quality of education, and how to improve the facilities at the primary, secondary, and higher secondary level. In this online teacher training course, we will explain the National education policy 2021. This education policy was a campaign manifesto by Narendra Modi, who won the Indian general election in 2014.

The new National education policy 2021 was declared by the Government of India. The policy is focused on changing the scenario of education where everyone can access quality education and go through any level of education to be better skilled in their field of work. The National education policy 2021 emphasizes the improvement of the Gross Enrollment Rate (GER) from the current 91% to 100% by 2026 along with the inclusion of new dimensions such as changing the present 10+2 curriculum and making preparation for students from class-VI to class-XII. This policy has proposed an investment of $250 billion for education in India, which will be more than double the allocation for education.

National education policy 2021 is the vision of the government to make knowledge, education, and skill a birthright of every individual by the year 2021. Several schemes have been developed for this purpose and some are in operation for providing free education including mid-day meals and free uniforms to meritorious students among others. You can access the details of all such schemes by clicking the link provided. The brief book title explains its educational approach in its opening summary, with a focus on the importance of conflict resolution and making schools more democratic. National education policy 2021 is based on the fundamental values of Turkey, including Turkism, secularism, and nationalism.

The proclamation in the National Education Policy of 2012 witnessed drastic changes to the education system, primarily aimed at improving the quality of education and attainment levels of students. NEP 2021 is a complete professional development program that includes an intriguing, wide-lens view of the Indian education system. This course presents a holistic framework for educators to manage and modify their practice in their schools. The mnemonic ‘CAMPARI’ is used throughout this course with key principles linked to innovative tools from the world of social media and gaming. The Personal Learning Portal provides educators with new avenues for continuous professional development and builds upon the learning cycle by connecting learners back to the classroom. The course also utilizes an active coaching model as opposed to a purely passive approach to professional development and learning.

The National education policy 2021 highlights the importance of quality education to the people of India and focuses on the importance of modern teaching methods, inclusion, and diversity. The policy highlights improvement in infrastructure and other facilities, delivery of quality at all levels, and ensuring social equity in education.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about the National education policy 2021: details of the National Curriculum and the National Assessment program, with relevant data. Understand what teacher education needs to be according to this policy, in a range of online courses and full-time face-to-face courses. National education policy 2021 is a very bright and helpful Online teacher training course, which is offering you a practical perspective on the role of teachers in the mission of nation-building, revised K R Narayanan committee report and its highlights, to make teachers aware of their responsibilities towards the National Education policy, especially for continuous and consistent professional development.

Nous’ national education policy 2021 is designed to ensure quality education for all. The new education policy 2021 has been released by the PM-the union minister of human resource development, Prakash Javadekar in New Delhi on 5th September 2018. The new policy aims at the transformation of education in India that includes free and compulsory education from grade 1 to grade 12 system, skill training for primary school dropouts, promotion of Sanskrit, promotion of foreign languages, and inclusion and integration of persons with disability into the mainstream educational system by developing a national grid for their special needs. ‘ The National education policy 2021 focuses on the three issues related to the education sector. The focus of these topics is to provide an environment of growth and development to all the students in the country so that they may excel in every field and become successful as a person as well.

National education policy 2021 tells us that the education system should be driven by the professional development of teachers. The policy emphasizes the fact that since teachers are the most important resource, it is important to look after their welfare and professional development.

Given how crucial education is in the modern economy and how it is changing the way people live, this course will ensure that you do not miss out on the essentials of what was declared by the President through a major policy speech as National Education Policy 2021. It has extensively discussed the problems being faced in society and why language learning is important for educators, parents, and students. It has also given some valuable knowledge about where to go when facing a problem, whether in school or at home.