Top Factors to Consider when Choosing LED Lights

LED lights are rapidly replacing fluorescent and incandescent lights in almost every area, whether they are commercial, residential or industrial establishments. Their higher energy savings, greater illumination and other benefits have contributed to this popularity. There are some important factors to consider when you are choosing LED lights and these are:

  • Wattage

As compared to standard bulbs, LED lights are aimed at consuming less energy, so they are able to offer more light with reduced wattage. The level of brightness is mentioned, but you need to consider the wattage as well. Select a bulb that offers the wattage for the type of illumination you want. This can prevent high amount of energy consumption and keep your electricity bills low.

  • Luminosity

Taking the look at the lumens is also important as they measure the amount of brightness of an LED light. Along with the number of lumens, you have to pay attention to the quality. A luminous efficacy between 60 and 70 lumens is recommended. If you want more light and less energy consumption, go for one that needs less lumen.

  • Features

There are a number of features that have been introduced in LED lighting. Some of them have a higher heat capacity and that’s preferable for areas where the lights are to be used for long periods of time. Likewise, those with dimming capabilities are also available. A variety of option can be found at that you can check out.

  • Guarantee in hours

There are 2 types of LED lights, with one of them being offered with a guarantee. Sellers write the purchase date and add their own signature, so you can get a replacement from them in case there is an issue. Always opt for one that comes with a guarantee to avoid any hassle.