Smart Options Are Here Now for the Best Parcel Delivery Option

If you as an entrepreneur regularly send parcels to your customers, you have different requirements than private individuals. Depending on the size of the shipment and the size of the package, you may not want to ship the entireĀ international courier yourself but have them picked up conveniently. And of course you expect corresponding discounts for parcel shipping with high shipping volume.

Our comparison table for commercial parcel senders offers you a first overview of the requirements, the price level and the services of parcel services in Germany. If you frequently ship internationally, you may consider more global companies.

You can weigh the evaluation criteria in the table according to your own requirements. If you usually send only documents or small parts, for example, no high insurance coverage is necessary. The situation is quite different with goods that have to be cooled during transport. Here you should definitely make a special agreement with the parcel service, so as not to exceed a guaranteed term of 24 hours.

Use shipping agents

If you do not meet the above minimum shipping requirements, ship sporadically, or plan a one-time shipping promotion, you can still save money with transit agents. Mailing agents bundle the parcel volumes of several customers and achieve favorable conditions for parcel services through framework agreements. So you can benefit from low shipping prices and convenient collection of parcels, even if you send only a few packages per month.

With you can make an online request to receive tailor-made offers from shipping agents. Your request is of course without obligation and free of charge. In case of the Parcel Delivery to Spain you will have to keep this in mind.

Tips and Tricks

When concluding a contract with a parcel service, you should make sure that as few flexible components as possible (e.g. toll or diesel surcharge) are included and that the parcels are billed at a fixed price per item. This usually happens by weight (either flat rate or in different weight classes). With the sales representative of the parcel service, you should discuss which goods you usually ship, in what quantities and how these are packed. For example, Hermes also allows bag packaging that many other parcel services cannot ship.

Package sticker

It should also be clarified how the package labels are created. If you send irregular and rather small quantities, labeling by hand can be the best solution. In general, the electronic creation of parcel labels but easier and faster. For this purpose, there are various merchandise management solutions or software from the parcel services, which offer a corresponding printing function.

If you are shipping only small quantities or want to know more about end-customer parcel services, click here for parcel services comparison for consumers.