Small Business Dispute Resolution: Hiring a Business Attorney to Resolve a Dispute

Small Business Dispute Resolution: Hiring a Business Attorney to Resolve a Dispute
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“We don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people.” – Steve Goodier

Are you a small business owner? And, is there perhaps a dispute between your business and a third-party? If so, the dispute needs resolution; otherwise, it can destroy all the small businesses involved. On the other hand, even if there isn’t currently a dispute between your business and another business, it’s still essential to understand how do resolve disputes or conflicts in the business world.

Before we look at ways to resolve corporate disputes or conflict between several people, let’s consider what a dispute is as well as how frequent conflicts and disputes occur between people across all walks of life.

Conflict in the workplace

Dispute or conflict resolution is part of humankind’s existence. There is and will be, conflict in the workplace. Statistics quoted by Robyn Short from the report “Workplace Conflict and How Businesses Can Harness it to Thrive,” prove how inescapable conflict is in the workplace is: 

  • 85% of all employees deal with conflict on some level.
  • 34% of conflict occurs amongst front-line employees. 
  • 49% of conflict is a result of personality clashes. 
  • 34% of conflict is caused by stress in the workplace. 
  • $359 billion in paid hours is lost every year to workplace conflict. 

These statistics provide the raison d’etre or rationale for ensuring conflict-resolution measures are in place in the business process model to make sure that conflicts or disputes are resolved without causing long-term damage between employees, business partners, or different small businesses. 

Ways to resolve the conflict between small businesses

Thus, the question that must be asked and answered is not how to avoid conflict in life, especially in the corporate environment, the question is how to resolve corporate environment conflict. 

The succinct answer to this question is to hire a business attorney in Clearwater, FL to mediate between the two parties involved in the dispute. 

However, let’s expand on this topic and consider a few reasons for hiring a commercial lawyer to help resolve the dispute between the small businesses. 

The need for legal expertise and advice

It is vital to employ a legal expert to manage a commercial dispute between two or more companies, especially if a legal claim needs to be filed or a defense again the application mounted. 

Even if the dispute isn’t going to end up in court, it is still a good idea to consult with a litigation expert. The commercial law, especially contract law, is a minefield of pitfalls and needs professional help and advice to navigate it successfully. 

In summary, the consequences of attempting to navigate this legal field are too disastrous to contemplate. Suffice to say; it could cost you your business, your savings, and your income for a very long time.


Even though the upfront costs of hiring a commercial litigator will be high, it is vital to look at the costs saved in relation to the expense of hiring a legal expert to determine the overall cost-effectiveness or Return on Investment (ROI). 

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